What Happens If Varicocele Is Left Untreated?

What Happens If Varicocele Is Left Untreated?

Varicocele is similar to varicose veins but it occurs around the testicles rather than the legs. Usually, varicocele doesn’t pose any threats but it can potentially impact male fertility. If you are suffering from varicocele, there are chances that you might not need treatment. However, in the case of pain, testicular atrophy, infertility, hormonal imbalance, erectile dysfunction, or azoospermia, you should consider varicocele treatment without any further delay.

Research clearly suggests that male infertility is responsible for about 50% of conception issues in couples looking to get pregnant. Also, for many couples, the issues of conception are caused due to a low sperm count that is again related to the varicocele. Most of the time, people tend to link male infertility with high scrotum temperatures or low testosterone levels. But they forget to understand that varicocele is the root cause of both these problems in most cases.

Research also suggests that about 15% of males have a varicocele, including 40% of the men who are experiencing infertility issues. Therefore, timely and proper treatment of varicocele is extremely important so that the risks of these complications can be avoided with the help of the most suitable treatment.

What Happens If Varicocele Is Left Untreated?

Varicocele is a serious disease that should be treated timely and properly. Ignoring the symptoms of varicocele or delaying the treatment can lead to several complications. Following complications can occur if varicocele is left untreated.


Infertility is a serious cause of concern for a large population across the globe. Infertility is one of the most serious complications that can occur due to untreated varicocele. It occurs due to the increased amount of blood in the region that increases the temperature of the testicles. It is believed that around 35%-44% of men with primary infertility have varicocele. Primary infertility is a condition when a couple is failed to conceive even after 12 months of trying.

Also, varicocele affects around 45%-81% of men suffering from secondary infertility. This is a condition when a couple has been able to conceive at least once but after that, they are no longer able to conceive. Also, research suggests that men suffering from varicocele have a poorer quality of semen.

Testicle Shrinkage

Testicular shrinkage refers to the shrinking of the testicles. Varicoceles can also cause testicular atrophy or shrinkage. Sperm-producing tubules make up the bulk of the testicles but when they are damaged or stop working properly, the testicle might shrink and become softer. The main function of the scrotum is to regulate the temperature around the testicles and it does it by shrinking in response to cold temperature and relaxing in response to warm temperature.

Not only this, a varicocele can cause an imbalance in the levels of various hormones that can eventually cause several problems. Also, in the case of suffering from varicocele, the blood flow to the penis and pelvic region decreases which can cause erectile dysfunction. Therefore, looking at all the above-mentioned complications, it is quite evident that leaving varicocele untreated is not a good idea at all.

What To Do If You Are Suffering From Varicocele?

If you are suffering from varicocele, you should not be hesitant in seeking the best-suited treatment for you. Delaying the treatment of varicocele leads to several serious complications that we have already discussed at the beginning of this blog. If you want to get the best treatment of varicocele in just one day, even without facing any pain or problems, you should contact an experienced and skilled urologist right away. To consult with one of the best urologists in or near your city, you should contact Pristyn Care.

Varicocele is cured with the most advanced laparoscopic varicocelectomy at Pristyn Care clinics. Apart from offering laparoscopic surgery at an affordable price, they also offer several services to their patients, including free pick-up and drop facilities on the day of the laparoscopic varicocelectomy, 30% off on all diagnostic tests, and free follow-ups post-surgical procedure. One of the best things about choosing Pristyn Care is that their clinics are fully equipped with modern and advanced medical technologies, and their surgeons are reliable and have mastered the art of performing successful laparoscopic varicocelectomy. To get a clear idea about the entire seamless surgical procedure, you can book an appointment with one of their best urologists and have a detailed consultation now.

What Are The Possible Treatment of Varicocele?

Usually, the treatment of varicocele is not needed. But proper and timely treatment becomes essential for men who have pain, fertility problems, the left testicle growing slower than the right, or abnormal semen analysis. There is no medication to treat varicocele but painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen might be helpful in subsiding the pain. However, surgery is considered the main form of treatment. There are two ways to perform varicocele surgery and both surgical procedures involve blocking the blood flow in the pampiniform plexus veins. The surgical procedure of varicocele is also known as varicocelectomy.

Open Varicocelectomy

During this procedure, the surgeon makes a 1 cm cut above the scrotum and closes all the affected veins to reroute the blood flow through other healthy and unaffected veins. The entire procedure of open varicocelectomy takes around 2-3 hours to complete. It’s a daycare surgical procedure so the patient is able to return home the same day.

Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy

Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is considered the best treatment of varicocele. After this procedure, the chance of recurrence is almost zero. During this procedure, the surgeon uses a medical instrument known as a laparoscope to make a few tiny incisions and removes the affected veins, or blocks the blood flow from them and reroutes it through the unaffected and healthy veins. Laparoscopic surgery is a modern and advanced surgical procedure that can be used to treat all types of varicocele.

Why Is Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy the Best Treatment Option?

Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t inflict pain or bleeding. Also, the neighboring tissues are left intact during this surgical treatment of varicocele. The success rate of laparoscopic varicocelectomy is as high as 100% and the risk of side effects or complications during and after the procedure is as low as zero. This procedure also doesn’t involve stitching and results in no wounds or scars. The patient doesn’t feel pain or any discomfort during this surgical procedure as it’s performed under the influence of anesthesia.

Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is a daycare procedure where you don’t even need hospitalization after completion of the surgical procedure. You will be absolutely fine to go back home the same day just after a few hours of the surgery. Not only this, but you can also resume your daily activities after 48 hours of your surgery and will be completely recovered within a week’s time.


Varicocele is a medical condition in which the veins of the scrotum become enlarged. It affects the type of veins that is known as the pampiniform plexus which is found in the spermatic cord. The cord holds the vas deferens, which is a tube that carries sperm, and the testicular artery that transports blood to the testicles.

Mostly, the creation of sperm is efficient at around 34.5 degrees Celsius or 94.1 degrees Fahrenheit, rather than the body’s standard temperature of 37 degree Celsius. This is why the testes are physically separated from the trunk of the body. The pampiniform plexus mainly cools the arterial blood before it goes to the sperm. This whole procedure is done through a heat-exchange mechanism. However, the varicocele can disrupt this procedure, preventing the testicles from producing good quality sperm. Therefore, timely and proper treatment is extremely important so that the above-mentioned complications can be avoided.

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