Various Sleeping Positions have Negative and Positive Effect on Human Body

Various Sleeping Positions have Negative and Positive Effect on Human Body

Many family members complain of sleepless nights. All they can reason out is stress from work, financial, relationship, or medical problems. Have you ever thought it can also be the mattress?

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can lead to a restless night. Later, it can also give ache and chronic back pain. If you’re already suffering from back pain, then the wrong mattress may worsen it. On the other hand, the right mattress helps to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

The choice of the best bed in a box depends on an individual’s lifestyle, preference, medical condition, and sleeping position. There is no mattress or sleeping position that is best and common for all people. What is good for one person may not work well for the other. For example, your spouse may be a warm person, who feels hot in the middle of the night on memory foam as it retains heat. So, he would need a cooling mattress like SmartGRID that has an open grid to circulate the air keeping the person fresh and sweat-free. However, you may feel comfortable on the memory foam.

Sometimes sleeping position also plays an important role in choosing a best mattress for back pain. Side sleepers may feel uncomfortable or have a restless night and a painful day on a firm mattress. This is because it doesn’t hug their hips, neck, and shoulders which makes it quite painful and the other day their entire body is stiff. However, back sleepers or stomach sleepers will not feel comfortable on a soft and saggy mattress because it bends their spine from its normal alignment.

The best sleeping position is one that provides the best rest. Based on personal preferences, it varies from person to person. However, as you grow old and have various medical issues, sleep position can play an important role in your overall health.

Therefore, consider these few sleeping positions before dozing off –

  • People suffering from back and neck pain should sleep, alleviating their neck on the pillow. It is better to keep the neck at the same level of the body while sleeping on your back.
  • Sleeping on the back blocks the airways leading to snoring and sleep apnea. It is always good to sleep sideways if you suffer from any two.
  • If you’re suffering from GERD, sleeping on the right can increase heartburn problems. It is better for people with GERD problems and pregnant women should sleep on the left side.
  • Stomach or side sleeping can lead to creases and marks on the face and body, which with time can turn to breakouts or wrinkles. To avoid these problems it is wise to start sleeping on your back.
  • People sleeping in a fetal position always have back and joint pain in the morning, but they snore less. However, in fetal positions the area of the lungs reduces thus, they don’t breathe as deep as others when sleeping.

Sleep position isn’t the only thing that has to be considered –

  • Clean bed sheets every day by dusting away dust from them and wash them frequently. Vacuum mattress to ensure that all allergens, germs, and dust are removed from it.
  • Close all blinds to keep the room dark before sleeping. Just ensure that there is no street light or early morning sun rays entering the room and disturbing your deep sleep.
  • Avoid using any gadgets like mobile or laptop just before going to bed. The study has shown that people using an electronic device at night are depleted of their sleep which results in a dull start the next morning.

The amount of sleep that you need in a day changes with time. Sleep does vary from person to person. If an infant needs 12-16 hours of sleep in a day, an adult world needs 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. If you continuously keep yourself self-deprived from proper hours of sleep it gets accumulated which is known as sleep debt.

Getting enough sleep at the right helps to protect mental, physical health and quality of life. During sleep, your body is working continuously to support healthy brain function and physical health. Even in kids, good sleep helps in their growth. The results of sleep deprivation can be harsh like a car crash or stumbling, dizziness or headaches, etc. and of course those who want dark circles. So, sleep tight, dream nice, and start a fresh day.

John Norwood
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