Vaporwave Culture, Music and Art

Vaporwave Culture, Music and Art

The Vaporwave subculture has seen various music, artists and cultures come together to form a cohesive whole.

VaporWave Culture

Vaporwave is arguably a culmination of efforts of many artists but there are notable figures that make it what it is today.

Massachusetts native Daniel Lopatin is considered one of the founders of the movement. The subculture began when people wanted to produce aesthetics based on 90s and 80s subculture, glitch art, consumerism and a sarcastic perspective on pop.

Ecco Jams is one of the most popular creation of Lopatin. The album had 80s hits that have been chopped and slowed down to repeat itself for the song’s duration.

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Vaporwave Music

In a sense, Vaporwave music is an art of carefully crafted music that’s comprised of instantly nostalgic tunes.

The ethic is to repurpose creative motifs and old aesthetics to bring in the opposite of what the original source material is intended for.

Vaporwave is unique in that it’s solely propagated on the internet. Music is similar to hip-hop in that tracks are sampled, distorted and layered to create something new.

Vaporwave Art

Vaporwave art is somewhat similar to tone when compared to culture and music. It’s enjoyed ironically by glorification of the meaningless and highlights the things that slip through one’s mind.

The movement of artists mostly use sarcasm and elevate games, shows and pop culture icons from the 80s and 90s and glorifies them and mocks them at the same time.

Vaporwave is ruminating online and to the delight of those who appreciate its music, culture and art. The people who listen to it, immerse themselves in it and browse through Vaporwave art to toast the movement and the artists behind it.

John Norwood
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