University of Phoenix Graduate Joseph Nash Focuses on Helping Others With Their Goal Achievement

University of Phoenix Graduate Joseph Nash Focuses on Helping Others With Their Goal Achievement

Serving as a sonar tech in the Navy for 11 years, University of Phoenix graduate Joseph Nash is a giver. He wants to give back to friends, family, community and country. His job was one of the most demanding in the world, and now Nash is about to serve in a new role as chapter president of University of Phoenix’s DC/Maryland/Virginia alumni association.

Nash is a two-time graduate of University of Phoenix and continues to pursue additional ways to contribute to the lives, goals, futures and well-being of others. Because he has experienced so much of his own professional and academic success, he now wants to make sure other students and alumni have the opportunities and support to do the same. When asked why, Nash stated, “I love including those close to me in my victories.”

Serving Others After Graduating

After he graduated from University of Phoenix, Nash joined the alumni association. He said it was a great way “to give back that which was given to me.” While that’s a noble goal, it has some specific origins. He received a lot of help from his academic advisor  while he worked through both the Bachelor of Science in Management and Master of Business Administration degree programs. He learned the value of having supportive people on his journey and now wants to be one of those people for others.

The alumni association is focused on online resources, networking events and ways for University of Phoenix graduates to stay connected and help one another as they explore, develop or change careers. Nash is already actively involved with the chapter and routinely helps both alumni and current students navigate college and career challenges. He does this through career counseling, networking services and mentorship. When additional resources are needed, the organization calls on other alumni chapters and University faculty.

Having a Support System Matters

Regarding the value of having a support system, Nash said, “No one can be 100% dialed in every minute of every day, so to have a support system in place is essential.” To that, he added his own personal feelings about how much helping others also helps him, “Knowing that I can be part of someone else’s support system drives me to reach out to those who need my help. If I’m in a position to positively affect someone, I try my best to give as much as I can.”

He has definitely affected many students and alumni in positive ways already and is planning on continuing to do so for the long term. A number of occasions to help others have mattered to him personally, but there are some that stood out in his mind more than others.

For example, he recalled a time when he met an alumnus who was very interested in a career in human resources. Networking assistance was needed, but the alumnus didn’t know where to start their journey of finding what they were looking for. Thanks to Nash, things were set in motion. He reached out to people who could help, and the alumnus was ultimately connected with the chapter’s faculty sponsor. That gave the alumnus what they needed to start meeting with the right people so they could get their career off the ground.

Transitioning from military service to life as a civilian presented some challenges for Nash, but he’s tackled them head on and now wants to be sure other people can get the advice and help they need to get through their own challenges.

He found his experience at University of Phoenix to be both educational and humbling. Nash quickly learned that going it alone was not realistic. Instead, his family would need to make sacrifices, and he would need to be willing to work as a team with his educators. His military training helped him stay strong even when times were difficult and gave him the resilience to move through his degree program. Nash is now taking that resilience and using it to help others who are focused on achieving their educational dreams.

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