Top Free Google Tools You Can Use To Improve Your SEO Strategies

Top Free Google Tools You Can Use To Improve Your SEO Strategies

God Bless Google for bringing the world to a more streamlined, cohesive and harmonious whole. What was a scattering of various services, websites and businesses in the early 2000s, have now been brought under a single umbrella by Google comprehensively.

If you want to find out why the sky is blue, or the price of an onion, or find a good welding firm near your place, Google is where you go. This is a tremendous way it has brought people information at a single click of a button.

Not only that, Google has been superbly beneficial for businesses online, creating spaces for commercial activities and the promotional and marketing campaign for local, national and international entities.

Kinex Media brings you the top free Google Tools that you can use to strengthen your SEO game and bring in more conversions.

Google Analytics

The basic components of SEO can be found in the data given out by Google Analytics, all for free. Be it keywords, traffic, conversion rate as well as clicks on links, you can get a real insight into the way users are responding to your website.

Even though it might not be enough as a stand-alone tool, Google Analytics paired with a few more SEO tools and instruments, can prove to be quite a powerful collection of SEO-enhancing weapons you can use to fend off poor conversion rates and low traffic.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the guidebook for your page or website’s ratings, how well it fares in online searches, which links are working and which ones aren’t working as well. Google Search Console is a medley of various components of basic SEO technical checkpoints, that can indicate issues and errors in SEO that you can fix to improve ratings and rank higher on search results.

Google Search Console will not be able to tell you about your rankings on other search engines, though. All the data that it collects, is from Google’s internal search history, trends and practices. You can pair it up with Google Analytics and a handful of more free SEO tools to get a clear picture of your SEO’s health and standing.

Google Trends

Google trends, again, is a part of the whole parcel of Google’s SEO tools. This particular aspect covers the search history, detailing the popular searches according to timeline. This collection of data is helpful in analysing how the viewers respond to the contemporary popular trends in the market.

Google Trends can also help you compare the popularity of two different searches overlapping at the same time. This information can help businesses in associating marketing campaigns around correlative things. For example, it is wiser to put your art collection on sale around holiday season, when shoppers are looking for gift items specifically.

Google PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights are an extension of Google’s SEO-supportive tools that can tell you a lot about your page’s speed and loading performance. The best part is, because of its simplistic scoring metric and suggestive features, you can get a lot of help in determining the areas of your webpage that need help and how.

From a red to orange to green scale, you can see f your loading speed is near perfect or hovering around the danger mark. PageSpeed also lets you know which bit of your webpage is taking the most time to load and you can fix it accordingly.

Google Ads (Keyword Planner)

For your online ad campaigns, Google has a provision to help guide you to be more clickable via Ads. It returns the number of clicks each link is garnering, including the efficiency of selected keywords and your rank in the search results page.

Additionally, it suggests keywords you might’ve missed or you can add to make your campaign more  effective and impactful online. CTR, impressions and clicks, along with keyword performance are all reviewed by this tool so you can fix the errors and issues as per your need.

Google has never failed to be thoughtful when it comes to hosting businesses online and these SEO services are a good pathway towards ensuring their collective success. A further proof of Google’s extension of this thoughtfulness is evident in how well they wish to educate the online businesses as far as SEO is concerned. Plenty of free certifications, extensive Q and A, Informational conferences and Lengthy explanation for their algorithm updates are provided by the platform.

These free tools, however basic, are a huge support for small-sized businesses who are just starting out. They provide an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the business structure and how to streamline it online, which can be beneficial to maximize profits and accessibility. So many collaborations arise between businesses in online spaces, all thanks to Google!

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