Top 5 PDF to Word Converter 2022

Top 5 PDF to Word Converter 2022

PDF converters have become the most in-demand tools that are mainly designed to convert PDF into another file format in order for people to make use of and access it. Formats such as .docx or word files have been made easier to manipulate with this smart converter application.

With its defined portability, constructed with higher tier security, and its ability to work seamlessly across various operating systems, PDF files are considered to be at the helm amongst the other file types making it the most advanced yet the least versatile to work with so it has to be converted. However, converting PDF files to another format is not an easy job if you aim for the exact same quality and structure of the word file as the original.

Converting PDF to Word or .docx file type is a difficult task and finding the best converter that suits your preference and occasion as well. To make it easier for you, here is a list of PDF to word converters to make the job done effortlessly:


Starting ahead of the list is the UPDF Converter by Superace Software, the best recommendation if you are eyeing for the best PDF converter that offers a flawless and simplest solution to achieving high-quality converted word documents.

Superace Software assures you’re utilizing the best and most appropriate PDF converter for your needs, so you can stay productive while avoiding the hassle of converting PDF files of poor quality.

The UPDF Converter is totally aware of your needs as a user who needs an all-in-one converter for a variety of other important file types. This program is also a true jack of all trades as it does not only convert PDF to word, but also a variety of file formats. It can even include converting PDF files to searchable and editable texts. Made available to both Windows and Mac, let the job be finished with this app while you access it for free.


●     Built with the easiest and most user-friendly interface making it very easy to use.

●     Affordable, very low-cost premium perpetual license.

●     No internet connection required- work anytime, offline!


●     Limited functionality in the trial version but subscribing to premium only costs the least.

SmallPDF Online

Another PDF converter is the Smallpdf which may be the only PDF software you’ll ever need if you want it all done the fastest. You can do more than just look at PDFs. Text, photos, objects, and freehand notes can all be highlighted and added to your papers. You can connect to 20 additional tools to improve your files even more. Files can be merged and split, or extra pages can be removed. What’s better is that there’s no need to switch between apps anymore! Save time by saving, organizing, and sharing files across several devices using this web platform online.


●     21 built-in tools to convert, compress, and edit PDFs for free

●     Access your PDF files online as it is web-based.

●     Manage documents in one place.


●     It can not perform its features without an internet connection. 


Next up is another all-in-one smart tool that offers the complete package as it is mastered to edit, scan, and merge your PDF files in the simplest way possible. ILOVEPDF is a PDF converter that is also available in both Windows and Mac systems while providing you with the simplest mechanics of converting your pdf files to word. It is engineered with an interface that is also adapted to both mobile and tablet so you can access this app anytime, anywhere with ease. What’s unique with this PDF converter is that it has a scanner tab feature that shows you your recently scanned PDF files to be converted to keep you on track. With just only 4 USD/ month, the ILOVEPDF Converter will not fail to deliver you optimum results packed with amazing and essential tools not just for converting your PDF files.


●     You can process PDF conversions to word simultaneously while using other apps.

●     It is compatible with iCloud for ease of storage.

●     Highly adaptable and simple to use.


●     The non-premium access only offers minimal features.

●     Requires internet connection most of the time to access the tools.


When it comes to productivity with style, Nitro offers the best in not only e signature solutions but with an intermediate conversion of your PDF files efficiently. Nitro PDF Converter specializes in keeping your productivity off the charts while working across multiple groups in your work which is very handy for a better-coordinated output. With features such as PDF Creator, converter, editor, form, and merge, you are provided with a working app that exhibits technical power meeting simplicity at the same time. Perform your stuff to the next level with Nitro PDF Pro while being guaranteed the latest security feature for your documents.  Although some features may not be accessible for your usage on a free subscription, you are still provided with a high-quality conversion of your PDF to word files. 


●     Best designed for group and work productivity.

●     Easy and advanced interface with high-technology features.

●     Manage documents in one place.


●     Requires an internet connection.

●     The premium subscription costs a lot.

ADOBE Acrobat PDF Converter

Adobe, known for its prominent and advanced file processing series of software also offers the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader/Converter that surely intimidates the rest. This PDF converter is ensured to be always a step ahead of every feature found on most PDF converters you know- it is from Adobe that’s why. With this PDF Converter from Adobe, you can do almost every document process ever to your pdf files especially converting it word files while assuring the best quality. It is both downloadable and accessible on the web while equipped with simple navigation for faster PDF processing. The online tool enables you to convert your PDF to DOCX, DOC, RTF, and also TXT file. The Acrobat Word to PDF online tool lets you convert DOCX, DOC, RTF, and TXT files to PDF using any web browser. With a simple drag and drop instruction, you’ll have your converted PDF files in no time.


●     Adobe’s super tool for fast and easy PDF conversion.

●     You can still make changes on PDF after conversion.

●     Go beyond conversion, access different tools to manage your PDF.


●     The interface might be really difficult for beginners to access.

●     It is expensive. 

PDF Converters are geared to give you a headstart in your productivity endeavors to make you experience greater heights of efficiency especially in dealing with having the best quality of converted word files from PDF. You would always go for the most convenient and best PDF converter and while each of these programs included here has the potential to provide you with outstanding results, it opens to another challenge. But when it comes to a better choice of seeking a simple and very affordable PDF converter with no internet connection required, the UPDF Converter by Superace Software won’t fail to seal the deal in handling your PDF conversion. Seamless process, modern interface, free and accessible offline- the UPDF Converter won’t discourage.

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