Top 5 Interesting Stay-at-Home Hobbies for Tech Lovers

Top 5 Interesting Stay-at-Home Hobbies for Tech Lovers

Staying at home has become part of our daily routine, especially during the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some people, being stuck at home for almost half an entire year can be such a chore, but no need to worry, as there are indeed hobbies that could spark some joy into homes.

The more people spend their time at home, the bigger the opportunity to rediscover and invest in different hobbies. Whether it’s picking up an old or new type of hobby, it never fails to bring joy and enrichment into our usual daily routine during the pandemic.

For tech lovers, an exciting hobby that could boost the everyday stay-at-home routine would be collectibles such as the latest gadgets, gaming accessories, and many more. Read more through this article to start on a techy hobby today.

1.      Radio Control Car Collection

Who says you’re too old to be playing with toy car collectibles? Don’t let that question stop you because collecting radio control cars is an excellent hobby to start, especially for tech lovers interested in the functionalities of a remote control car.

Liven up the household by investing in radio control car hobbies. As mentioned before, quarantine during the pandemic is the best time to revisit old hobbies or even exploring new ones such as radio control cars.

Car lovers who are into technology are sure to be interested in this hobby, as there are lots of car models available as R/C, such as radio control buggies, trucks, luxury cars, and a whole lot more.

2.       Gaming

Most people would disagree with the idea that gaming is considered a negative form of a hobby. However, as years continue to pass, more and more studies show that people who are fond of gaming can also show positive benefits as a hobby.

According to statistics, gaming as a hobby can stimulate creativity, improve focus, and strengthen problem-solving skills. Gaming is a hobby that anyone of all ages can come to enjoy as an appropriate hobby.

Gaming has also been an excellent way for people to cope during the pandemic. Popular game developers such as Sony Playstation thought of innovative ways to stay at home fun with their “Play at Home” initiative by giving out free downloadable games every month.

3.      Building a PC Setup

One of the most rewarding and exciting activities that one can practice, especially for tech lovers, is building a PC setup. As we all know, computers have become such a significant role in modern-day living.

Building a PC setup could grant you an immense appreciation for the technology. The process of constructing one provides different perspectives and knowledge as to how you can create one powerful gadget.

Computers are essential to those who continue to work and study. Moreover, tech lovers could also do other hobbies with a perfect computer, such as programming, gaming, and a whole lot more that only a PC could handle.

4.      Getting into Web Design

Another great hobby that tech lovers can get their hands on is practicing web design, which boosts one’s technical skill and creativity. Imagine being able to create your website and make it come to life with all the exciting content you want to share.

Moreover, practicing web designing is also considered to be a hobby of great value. A lot of companies nowadays hire web designers to create social media websites for their products. The said hobby is known to be an in-demand skill that produces fortunes.

Today’s everyday life continues to evolve into a web-based society that relies much more on the advancement of technology. Practicing a hobby such as web designing could also pave the way for more stay-at-home jobs, especially during the pandemic.

5.      3D Printing

The hobby of 3D printing continues to grow more and more famous as technology continues to advance. As seen on numerous videos and technology news online, 3D printing can also be considered as a hobby of great value.

Many artists who do 3D printing turn their creativity into another form of business since you can technically make any type of object with the use of solid ink. Artists have sold their works as gifts such as car collectibles, bowls, 3D pots for plants, and more.

Additionally, 3D Printing allows you to boost your creativity and your knowledge when it comes to mastering the fundamentals of the printing process. Building your 3D object would also require technical skills on the side of 3D modeling.


The pandemic may have limited us to our usual hobbies back when we mostly enjoy days out in the sun, but that doesn’t mean the fun ends there. Make staying at home more enjoyable with these different technology hobbies that tech enthusiasts can enjoy and everyone. May it be for recreational purposes or even for a hobby worth value.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.