Top 4 Tips for Improving Your Sex Life and That of Your Partner

Top 4 Tips for Improving Your Sex Life and That of Your Partner

Sex doesn’t need to be boring as you grow older. In fact, as you spend more years in marriage and grow older, your sexual life should become better and better.

Good sex with your significant others might become more gratifying since you are already familiar with each other’s preferences, habits, likes, and dislikes.

Understandably, life may get in your way. Finances, kids, and chores are some of the things in life that may put a damper on romance.

While all these factors are part of life, don’t let them interfere with your sex life. With the help of these tips for new partners, you will be able to improve your sex life:

1.    Make Things Clear Regarding Everything You Want

Good and effective communication is everything when you want to improve the quantity and quality of your sex life and that of your partner.

Communicating all your requirements generally will be vital since great communication may help build trust as well as keep good relationships going.

But it will also be best to communicate all your sexual needs to your significant other. If your significant other doesn’t do exactly that, consider directing them on how to please and satisfy you.

2.    Consider Pleasuring Yourself before Your Significant Other

Masturbating enables your significant other to see you enjoy every bit of pleasure, which might help build intimacy. Allowing your significant others to witness where and how you like it touched is a way of practicing a level of susceptibility, which encourages closeness.

In addition, masturbation has a lot of health benefits, like relieving pent-up stress and improving your mood, which is an important primer for sex.

If you are an adventurous couple, sex experts suggest that you consider wearing one of the best remote-control sex toys during your date and allow your partner to hold that remote control. Use this as a way of extended foreplay in order to put your libido in the overdrive before reaching home.

3.    Use Lubricants

You can make sex more pleasurable when you consider adding a lubricant that cuts down irritation, friction, and discomfort.

You may purchase one of the official lubricants from a reliable drugstore. Alternatively you may consider using household oil, such as coconut oil. Ensure you use non-latex condoms if you prefer DIY since such oils may damage latex.

Also, don’t try to hide the need for using lubricant from your significant other. As a matter of fact, make it one of your sexual routines to have more fun with it.

4.    Try Something New and Different

Be sure to spice up your sexual activities by stretching some boundaries as sweethearts. Don’t just do the normal foreplay you are both used to.

Touch one other in different ways. Remember to try out several sex positions so that you can both determine those that feel best.

If you’re both naughty, consider dressing up in costumes and choose characters, like cowboys or nurses and doctors. While at it, watch dirty movies together and bring feathers, anal beads, and vibrators into the mix.

Concluding Remarks!

Low or poor sex drive is a common issue that affects individuals of all relationship types, genders, and ages.

If there is a mismatch of sex drives, it may put a strain on your relationship. So it can help a lot if you talk to your partner and try to consider some of these tips for a change.

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