Top 10 React Development Companies In 2022

Top 10 React Development Companies In 2022

React is one of the most popular libraries for creating UI components. Many companies have incorporated this technology into their app development tech stack as the primary framework for designing frontend applications. Selecting the right React development company is the deciding factor in unleashing the endless web and mobile app development possibilities that can be realized using React.

Various software development service providers claim to help businesses build efficient web and mobile applications. But the choice of the right technology provider mainly depends on individual business requirements. We have prepared a list of the top 10 React development companies based on their completed projects and client reviews. This information will help you make a better decision.

Top 10 React Development Companies In 2022

  1. GeekyAnts- Research. Collaborate. Build.
  2. CheesecakeLabs
  3. Brainhub
  4. Geniusee
  5. Infinum
  6. KeenEthics
  7. Neoteric
  8. Perpetual
  9. Scopic
  10. Selleo


1.   GeekyAnts- Research. Collaborate. Build.

They are an app design and development studio holding expertise in React, React Native, Flutter, Angular, Vue, and many such state-of-the-art technologies. Founded in 2006, they operate in India, the UK, and the USA to serve clients worldwide. Their developers created React Native’s most famous UI library NativeBase(17500+ GitHub Stars). They hold an impressive 4.8 stars rating from 50 client reviews on Clutch.

They provide dedicated teams for end-to-end React web and mobile app development. Their clients appreciate their high-quality work, collaborative attitude, seamless project management, and commitment to targets. Some of the most distinguished clients in their portfolio are PayPoint, Siveco Romania, Lamno, Mobile Premier League, Cloud9, Khatabook, etc.

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2.   CheesecakeLabs

They are a software design and engineering partner helping clients build successful tech products. Based in the USA, they have been creating delightful digital experiences since 2013. Clutch ranked them the 10th mobile app development company worldwide in 2021. This company’s core values are responsibility and ownership.

Their clients appreciate their ability to manage products impressively, proactive communication, technical expertise, and transparency, among other attributes. Their list of happy clients includes Singularity University, AES, Tapcart, Skyroam, Lockitorn, etc.

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3.   Brainhub

They are a React web and mobile app development company from Poland. Founded in 2014, they believe in providing custom software solutions from scratch or extending capabilities in the existing infrastructure. They hold expertise in React, React Native, Nest, Node.js, TypeScript, Electron, and many more.

Their impressive portfolio includes National Geographic, TC Global, Collegial, Paradox Interactive, Beam, Jackbox Games, Venture Harbour, etc. They provide a dedicated team of experts to accelerate the software development process. The 4.8 stars from 28 reviews on Clutch vouch for the effectiveness of their approach.

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4.   Geniusee

They inspire businesses to bring innovative, creative, and stunning ideas to life. Based in Ukraine and founded in 2017, they have earned a reputation for providing seamless collaboration through constant communication, good prioritization, and determination to get things right. They have earned 5 stars from 38 client reviews on Clutch.

Their tech stack includes React.js, Node.js, .NET, Kotlin, React Native, etc. They have successfully provided web and mobile app development services to QuitGenius, Vrazo, RealmFive, Dell, Scout and Drum Technologies Inc., etc.

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5.   Infinum

Operating from Europe and the US, Inifinum has turned ideas into products since 2005. They have offices in 12 countries and have won several awards proving their competency in building custom software solutions. One such recognition is winning the Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe award four times.

They are incredibly experienced in serving FinTech, MedTech, IT, telecommunications, automotive, entertainment, and utility industries. Their proud clients include A1 Telecom, Village Access, Cormeum, Loop Community, Messe, etc.

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6.   KeenEthics

Based in Eastern Europe and represented in the Netherlands and the United States, they are the ethical web and mobile development partners for many organizations. Providing software development services using leading technologies, including React, they have earned 5 stars on Clutch from 23 reviews.

They strive for a tech world devoted to social good, and their team comprises highly skilled full-stack, front-end, back-end developers, UI/UX designers, QA engineers, etc. Clients have reported sticking to the timelines as one of the best advantages of working with them. Their proud portfolio includes Brainable, Knotel, Bookmaker, WorldLabs, Sapera GmBH, etc.

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7.   Neoteric

Based in Poland, Neoteric is a custom software development agency founded in 2005. They specialize in providing React web and mobile app development services to their clients across industries. They hold expertise in Angular, Node.js, Nest.js, PWA, Typescript, and many other advanced technologies.

They help startups and enterprises innovate with their custom software. Many industry leaders have trusted them to build their mobile and web app targeting the growth of their business. Their key clients include The World Bank, Siemens, Nestle, RapidSOS, Crowdstrike, AlchemAI, etc.

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8.   Perpetual

Founded in 2012, Perpetual is a software development company based in New York. They are widely recognized for providing advanced user experience design and software development services. They have earned 4.8 stars from 56 reviews of their happy clients on Clutch. Their ability to challenge the status quo and innovate new software solutions is appreciated the most by their partners.

Their clients include large organizations in the financial services and media industries and various startups across other sectors. Their list of esteemed clients includes Elle, Thomson Reuters, Sonder, University of California San Francisco, Teach for India, etc.

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9.   Scopic

Scopic is an award-winning software development company united with digital marketing experts. Based in the US, they have over 15 years of experience building and promoting new software products for their clients. Using React for web and mobile app development, they have served clients from various industries, including healthcare, trading, finance, education, manufacturing, etc.

Their intense focus on the healthcare industry is commendable. Their partners have appreciated their ability to handle complex projects under all circumstances. Some noteworthy mentions in their portfolio include Arizona Medicare Pros, OrthoSelect, Homegrown Nursery, Mediphany, and Thankster.

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10.   Selleo

Based in Poland, Selleo has been a trusted React web and mobile app development partner for organizations across the globe. Their cross-functional team includes dedicated experts who pride themselves on successfully delivering 150+ projects. Their services include custom software development, web development, mobile development, UI/UX design, etc.

They adopt an agile methodology for providing professional React app development services. Apart from their technical skills, their clients appreciate the transparency, proactivity, and responsiveness they take on every project. Some of their notable clients include Qstream, Breezeway, Humly, and Alyne.

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In the end

React changes how developers approach UI development for both web and mobile applications. It will continue to lead the frontend app development sphere for a long time. We hope you found this list of companies helpful. However, it is not inclusive, and your business requirements greatly affect the choice of the best React development company.

If you need to hire React developers for your organization, consider doing market research based on your React web or mobile application development requirements. That will surely help you make the right decision.

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