Tips to Ensure You're Using Supplements Well

Tips to Ensure You’re Using Supplements Well

Taking supplements can seem like a no-brainer way to get the nutrients your diet might be falling short on. Most people don’t take their supplements as directed. According to recent data from the Council for Responsible Nutrition, only about 21% of adults correctly take their supplements as recommended every day. 

That being said, using a supplement effectively is key to seeing results. Here are four tips that will ensure you’re using your supplements well.

Be Careful with your Timing.

Taking supplements at the wrong times can hinder your progress by blocking nutrients from being absorbed properly. For instance, when taking a supplement that contains vitamin C, you should avoid consuming it at the same time as a meal that has iron because the iron will be blocked from being absorbed by the vitamin C in the supplement. 

Taking supplements with meals can help with this problem — but timing isn’t the only thing you should consider. You should also be mindful of what time of day you’re taking your supplements. Certain supplements work better at different times of day and in different amounts. For instance, you should take vitamin D with breakfast instead of dinner or at night. Vitamin D is better digested during your morning meal.

Don’t Forget to Check the Serving Size.

It’s important to ensure you’re taking the correct amount of your supplement. Some supplements require you to take more than once daily, while others take just one hit to get the job done. For instance, it’s recommended that you take a daily vitamin B complex supplement. 

If you forget to take it one day, you may not feel any different — but taking it twice a day may be more effective. Certain supplements, like protein powders, require you to take them multiple times per day to see results. It’s a good idea to check the serving size and ensure you follow the directions accordingly. Make sure to take the supplement at the same time each day to be effective.

Make sure you know what’s in your Supplement.

If you are taking a supplement with one or more ingredients you aren’t familiar with, it’s a good idea to look up what they are and how they could affect you. One of the most important things to look out for when taking a supplement is potential side effects. With some unusual side effects after taking a supplement, you may want to stop taking it. You should also ensure you’re taking your supplements for MyhDiet with food or at least a few hours before or after a meal. Some supplements don’t mix well with certain foods and can be dangerous or make you sick.

Incorporate Protein and Fiber Whenever Possible

Protein and fiber are two key ingredients you can always add to your supplement to make it even more effective. Protein is important for muscle health, and fiber is important for your digestive health and helps prevent constipation. Taking a protein and fiber supplement simultaneously as your vitamin and mineral supplement can make it even more effective. If you’re taking a protein and fiber supplement, make sure it has a broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral blend in it as well.

A healthy diet is a great source of vitamins and minerals and the best way to stay healthy. Supplements boost your intake, especially if you’re eating a diet that isn’t providing you with enough vitamins and minerals.

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