Tips for Beginner Tiktokers 18 Rules & Ideas for Inspiration

Tips for Beginner Tiktokers: 18 Rules & Ideas for Inspiration

Do your moms send you “cool” videos on WhatsApp? I do not sit in Facebook, and my not very elderly advanced relatives consider it their duty to share not always exquisite, but the most “hilarious” home videos in messengers. As for young relatives (including my five-year-old daughter), they are looking for video content mainly in the Like application, where their peers create the same laugh. And you know what? I can name a place where both age groups will feel at home.

TikTok is a mobile app that lets you shoot and share videos up to a minute in length. You can find and overlay any music or excerpts from popular films, cartoons and TV series on the video.

Since the beginning of the work of the social network, the most common formats are when you open your mouth to someone else’s song, as if you are singing (“Lipsink”), and when you dance to the music (“Basic dance”). In addition to them, the platform has humor, sketches and vlogs. Here is a paradise for creative exploration.

Who here began to grumble that young people are engaged in garbage, but it was better before? Definitely not me: I remember how in the nineties my classmates and I got together and “sang” the songs of the Spice Girls. Naturally, there were five of us – according to the number of participants. We tried to dress and act similar. I wanted to be Jeri Halliwell, but because of the hair color I had to be Victoria Beckham. So I understand the desires of people to curl up under the world’s masterpieces. There is nothing wrong with that. Well, older people, as I already wrote, love parodies – this is noticeable by their shares and likes.

It turns out that the Chinese social network that took off by a rocket is no longer just a place where youngsters hang out. Statistics confirm this: one and a half billion people in the world have downloaded the application. On average, a domestic user enters the application seven times a day and spends 39 minutes in it.

The article contains tips and examples for inspiration for a business that wants to use this platform for promotion.

7 Reasons for Businesses to go to TikTok and Stay There

The new site requires less effort to promote. The organic reach of popular social networks is dwindling every day, and it takes a lot of investment to get through to your audience. In this regard, a fresh social network is just a treasure. This is temporary, so you need to keep up: very soon it will become difficult to get views on TikTok without financial investments in advertising (this was the case with Instagram, if you remember).

Content ranking rules aren’t perfect – yet. TikTok’s algorithms are not quite stable yet, so assessing the attractiveness of content may give you a chance to break through faster than other social networks.

Competition for audience attention is poorly developed. TikTok still has few ads, so promotion will be cheaper.

It is possible to divert traffic from the social network. In TikTok, you can add external links in your account description. Remember Instagram: In Stories, inbound links were only launched in 2016 and immediately took off as a tool. While not all users are allowed to add a URL to the profile description, but you can link your Instagram and YouTube channel.

Functionality for e-commerce is being developed. It will surely get better: TikTok’s in-app purchases are now called Hashtag Challenge Plus. It works like this: brands order a hashtag, they come up with a challenge, traffic is collected, and then the user is offered to purchase goods directly in the application. Not everyone is allowed to embed links in videos yet, but TikTok is clearly trying to enter the social commerce market.

The social network is beginning to gain extreme popularity. TikTok has overtaken Instagram in app downloads over the past year and continues to widen the gap. Business needs to pay maximum attention to a new promotion channel.

18 Tips for Beginner Tiktokers

The main metric for success on TikTok is not likes and comments, but views and their time. If your videos are watched to the end, if users spend enough time on the channel, then the algorithms will send the video to recommendations and increase the reach. And, of course, reposts: if they want to share your videos with friends, success is guaranteed. As for the mechanics of engagement and getting to the top, the differences from other social networks are insignificant.

When creating a new channel, be prepared for the fact that the algorithms will not immediately understand who will be interested in your content. Therefore, in the beginning, the number of views can be depressing.

Myths about the effectiveness of hashtags on TikTok are akin to and myths about Instagram. So don’t expect anything magic from them. Specify geo- and business tags, that’s enough.

Naturally, you cannot upload one video and wait for success. You need to prepare your content in advance. And upload videos more often while the channel is new. But remember that it is not only quantity that decides, but also quality: take care of the meaning and the benefit. If you do not know how to package your meanings, contact the specialists.

Some Instagram bloggers just take and copy old videos to TikTok. You can save a lot, use it.

If the video has a poor performance, it has small reach and at the same time you see a sufficient number of likes, try uploading it again. Perhaps the algorithms are dumb.

Replays of videos that have already gained popularity are good.

Participate in contests, flash mobs or challenges hosted by TikTok.

The hashtags with the highest number of views at the moment are # better in sports, # better in beauty, # better in comedy, # better in preparation, # better in pets. Also gaining popularity are such tags as # get creative, # do sports, # do self-development. Pay attention to the following topics for the videos: funny make-up experiments with the tag #wintermakeup #beauty ideas, videos about pets – #chefpit, pranks and tricks – #clicker, nutritional tips and interesting recipes – # healthy lifestyle, as well as a bunch of interior life hacks – #ideas for home #ideas for the office, #ideas for the kitchen, #ideas for the room and so on.

On TikTok, you cannot write to a person if you are not subscribed to them. In the profile settings, you can prohibit any messages, open a PM for all users, or leave access only for friends (friends on TikTok are tiktok-followers you follow in response). Alternatively, just indicate the direct in Instagram for communication in your profile.

When uploading unique audio, call it your name: if other users use the audio, they will see the name of the brand or company.

Anything that looks like an advertisement is thrown out of the recommendations. Shoot the maximum native.

The optimal length of videos depends on the type of your content: shoot funny videos up to 15 seconds, useful ones – 30-60 seconds. The rule is not universal, but remember: the user can easily swipe the video if he decides that it is not interesting to him.

Complaints about your content are threatened with deletion. If you received a notification in a special section in your inbox (“Your video was removed for violating community rules …”), file an appeal by clicking on the message. Then it will not be a robot that will check, but a living person.

If you want to get paid for views, you need to break into the TikTok talent program. So far, there are three rules to be aware of. The first requirement is unique content: at least 70% of the videos on the channel must be yours. The second is that the channel, which has only “Lipsinki” and “Basic Dances”, cannot take part in the program. Third, to connect to monetization, you need at least 50 thousand subscribers.

Do not use cheat, otherwise you risk subjecting your account to blocking.

You can buy an already promoted channel, but then keep in mind that changing the topic will take time to fine-tune the algorithms for finding the target audience.

Like other social networks, TikTok will certainly change the rules, algorithms will also be transformed, functions will be supplemented. Keep your finger on the pulse!

The TikTok audience is very different in their preferences and age. What are they looking at right now?

Instead of a Conclusion

When a new service appears, it is important to have time to get used to it before competitors. The statistics are pleasing, and TikTok is actively developing, and everyone can find a place in it – both a beginner and an experienced blogger. Well, business can develop new sales territories. If you want to be among the first to master a new promotion channel, buy tiktok followers and likes here where we will tell you about all the tricks and features of promoting your personal brand and business accounts on the social network.

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