The Renowned Online Game Changes and What They Mean For You

The Renowned Online Game Changes and What They Mean For You

The Eurojackpot Spain lottery has been growing in popularity over the years, and it’s about to undergo some changes that will enhance the game for both new and existing players. 

From 29 March 2022, there will be two draws per week instead of one, and the jackpot amount has been increased from €90 million to €120 million (double the UK National Lottery). For this reason, it’s important to take note of these changes before you play next time so you can get the most out of them.

The jackpot increases from 90 to 120 million euros

This is due to an increase in ticket sales, meaning more revenues are available to jackpot winners. This change also means that jackpots will be higher when there are fewer winners, as every winner takes a share of a smaller pot. 

The chances of winning stay exactly the same—1 in 92 million—and so no changes will be made to how many numbers you need to pick in order to win a prize. In fact, because only one rollover draw per week will now be performed on Fridays, each remaining draw will likely have bigger jackpots than before. 

This could mean bigger wins for players who manage to pick all five main numbers correctly! And if you happen to match four main numbers but miss out on one or two bonus balls?

The Jackpot draws will occur twice a week

Up until now, players would only have a chance to win Europe’s biggest jackpot if they picked all five main numbers plus both Lucky Stars correctly in a single draw. This meant that even though there was a very high-top prize on offer with every draw, you would need to take part in multiple draws before having a chance of winning. 

However, once these changes have been implemented, players will have twice as many opportunities per week to win huge prizes. In fact, each Tuesday and Friday will see two separate draws held. 

This new Tuesday-night draws will be held at 9 pm CET (8 pm GMT) while Fridays’ main draw will take place at 8 pm CET (7 pm GMT). The first Tuesday-night draw is scheduled to occur on 28 March 2022.

How the Change Affects Players?

In addition to increasing its frequency, Eurojackpot Deutschland will also increase its jackpots. If a player lands 5 matching numbers between 1 and 50, they will now win a base jackpot of €5 million—two times higher than before. If they match five numbers plus a one-star number between 1 and 10, they will now win a jackpot of €60 million. 

A jackpot previously up to €90 million is now increases the maximum jackpot to 120 million euros! The other good news is that there are more chances to win. 

Previously, players had an equal chance of winning every draw; now, they have an equal chance of winning every Tuesday and Friday draw (up to 6 opportunities per week). The bottom line: It’s going to be easier than ever for you to land a big payday with Eurojackpot!

What players can do to increase their chances?

With only 2 draws in a week, you’ll have to adjust your strategy. Previously, players could only play one or two numbers per draw. Now that there are 4 drawings, they can still choose to play just 1 or 2 numbers but they will also have to play more numbers in order to increase their chances of winning any prize. 

If you want to win a jackpot, I would recommend playing all 10 main numbers as well as all 2 Lucky Stars. However, keep in mind that if no player wins any jackpots within 6 months (which is very likely), it is possible that Lotto24 will decrease their jackpots back down to €90 million again which means it would be less lucrative for players to play all 10 main numbers + both lucky stars.

Other considerations for players

It’s worth noting that players can buy multiple tickets, however, there are limitations to how many they can purchase. Tickets cost €2 each, but players can only buy up to 10 at a time. 

This means that if you wanted to play with your entire budget, you could potentially spend as much as €20 per draw. However, since most of us don’t have an unlimited budget (and would rather not spend all our money on lottery tickets), it might be better to spread out your risk by buying more than one ticket per draw.

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