The Number One Tool for Soccer Enthusiasts around the world

The Number One Tool for Soccer Enthusiasts around the world

Live betting has been made easier. All the difficult questions have never looked so simple. Who could score next? What could be the total number of goals? Which team could likely win the game? Overlyzer will put you one step closer to making a more accurate prediction.

While the English Premier League mostly takes all the attention from data providers, Overlyzer scores with a wide range of diversity. With Overlyzer’s state of the art over/under analysis tool, you can get unrivalled access to info spanning soccer matches from over 800 leagues across over 160 countries globally.

Detailed live coverage that puts you one step ahead

Football has gone way beyond the basic stats we’ve all been accustomed to and Overlyzer thoroughly takes that into account. With Overlyzer, you get uncharted access to properly curated statistics and live performance data of players during games. Even better that you get to see them in graph form and that makes thing simple to interprete. With one glance, you get to see live stats you won’t come across anywhere else. The “Total Offensive Indicator” for instance gives a detailed analysis of which sides hold the balance in attack/defense while the game is ongoing. Knowing how to make the most of such data surely puts the user at a greater chance of winning live bets.

Overlyzer’s data is accessible for all but there’s a catch. Users only get access to a couple games as a non-registered user. For unrivalled access and exclusive access to data on all games spanning across all leagues, a subscription is needed and this would grant you the pass to thousands of games weekly.

Example for a high scoring game where you can see the big difference in pressure between the two teams. Blue stands for the home team’s pressure, red for the pressure of the away team.

Take your stats anywhere with you – User friendly Mobile App

Everyone knows the disadvantage of a service that can only be visited on the web. So the company created a mobile app with all of the same features as seen on the web version. Launched only in May 2021, the app is only available on Android at the moment but the plans to make one for iOS is already well in the works. A quick look at the reviews and ratings already shows the positive rave about the app. More than anything, the user-interaction interface was taken into account and any user will get to enjoy a pleasurable user experience. The app features live trends, an over/under tool, general live scores and many more, just like the web version. To serve global users, the product is currently available in seven languages.

Filter stats according to your taste

It is also interesting to note that users can personalize their data and set their preference based on exactly what they are looking out for. For instance, a user can choose to focus only on games where all data points to a goal just around the corner, based on the two team graphs. A host of other criteria that can be centered around include: shots, cards, pressure, ball possession and many more. If new users are confused about which to go for, there are also pre-defined quick filters beginners can work with for a start and personalize to their taste as they gain better understanding of the data.

Minimizing risk in live betting

It has to be said once again that Overlyzer does not exactly ‘guarantee’ profit but instead puts the bettor at a better path towards winning and making better informed decisions. To get more info about Overlyzer and how to put the stats to good use, do make sure to visit the YouTube channel for tutorial videos that are self-explanatory. One last advice you should take in mind. To get the most out of Overlyzer, it is better to be a registered subscriber with 100% access to all features.

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