The Most Anticipated Mobile Games That Are Coming Out In 2022

The Most Anticipated Mobile Games That Are Coming Out In 2022

Three Mobile Only Games Coming Out In 2022

While we may have to wait another year or two for upcoming games like Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes and Pragmata, there are a few franchise fan favourites hitting the mobile gaming stores in 2022. Here are three of the most popular mobile games set to be released to the public at some point in the first and second quarters of next year.

1. Diablo Immortal

The legendary franchise of Diablo hasn’t slowed since it first launched in 1997, and this version is set to come out in the first half of 2022. With a storyline that’s set between Diablo II and Diablo III, this iteration of Diablo is a brand-new offering which is going to be released only for mobile users. It’s graphics and visual play style has been done in the same way that Diablo III’s was, and it will also include most of the same classes that were available in Diablo III.

While some reviewers believe that Diablo Immortal will only be a knock-off mobile version of Diablo III, we’re happy to tell you it’s not. It’s going to be its own standalone full MMORPG which takes place online and long-term Diablo players will feel right at home.

Any friends you’ve already made online will be able to engage you within this world, and if you’re a new player, you’ll be able to make friends easily and quickly to progress.

2. Tomb Raider Reloaded

Tomb Raider is a game series which has won the hearts and minds of fans over the past two decades. True to style, this Tomb Raider will feature our favourite plucky heroine Lara Croft in a new mobile game format that’s been developed by Emerald City Games under Square Enix.

Beta versions and soft launch releases have been floating around for a while now in Canada, Southeast Asia, Ireland and Sweden, but the full version is only going to be released early in 2022 for the general public. The storyline will follow the classic ‘accosted by mercenaries’ introduction that’s reminiscent of the first Tomb Raider release and the Anniversary edition, on behalf of Natla (who die-hard fans will recognise right away). Developers say that Reloaded will unify the original storylines and we can’t wait!

Once again Lara sets off to Peru to find the legendary Atlantean Scion in a top-down adventure which has the added benefit of players controlling Lara but having her fire automatically at enemies. Skill upgrades are a new addition in the mobile version, and three free revivals are offered per day which comes in handy for tricky levels.

While premium currency is available for additional rewards and perks, it’s not required at all for freemium players to enjoy the game. Daily login bonuses, a lucky spin wheel that’s offered daily, and in-game currency used to open loot boxes mean there’s a monetised option for those who are after a few more benefits, just like those you’ll enjoy when you indulge in South Africa online gambling opportunities.

3. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The legion of fans awaiting Final Fantasy VII – Ever Crisis – grows each day, though the release date has yet to be set other than a vague ‘at some point in 2022’.

This single player RPG will delight old fans and new, since its storyline spans the entire Final Fantasy arc, and while reminiscent of the Pocket Edition (Final Fantasy XV), it has a clear storyline that links into other players. In the trailer release you can see a distinctly similar game play to Final Fantasy VII mechanics, especially in the combat sections.

The creator has also shared that gacha mechanics will be involved (spending in-game currency to win a random loot box).

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