The Largest Diamond Exchange in the World The Israel Diamond Exchange

The Largest Diamond Exchange in the World; The Israel Diamond Exchange

The diamond industry in Israel is massive and is of great significance to the Israeli economy. When thinking of diamonds, people think of Belgium, Russia, New York, and when thinking of Israel, inventions and technology is what comes to mind. But ironically, diamonds are Israel’s top export and they are the third largest exporter of diamonds in the world.

The Israel Diamond Exchange is one of the most secure complexes in Israel but it is now open for tours with IsraelTours4U. The Diamond Tours offered by IsraelTours4U, cover the entire journey of diamonds, from mines, to jewelry.

The diamond tour starts off in one of Israel’s longest standing diamond cutting and polishing factories where visitors get to learn and see how rough diamonds are cut and polished. This hands on visit covers the intricacies and skill Israeli diamond cutters possess that makes them the top of their trade.

The Diamond District is in the Tel Aviv suburbs, in Ramat Gan. What used to be an empty landscape was transformed when the Israel Diamond Exchange inaugurated their official headquarters in Ramat Gan in the late 1960’s. Walking through the bustling Diamond District, the tour continues to the entrance of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

The Israel Diamond Exchange is the world’s largest diamond exchange and gaining entry entails strict security processes for non-members. Passport identification, fingerprint and facial scans are all needed in order to enter the highly secure premises of the Israel Diamond Exchange. The tour takes visitors through the security checks, and then continues the tour throughout the interconnected, four building complex. The history and superstitions that are held within the Israel Diamond Exchange are all delved into, and visitors are shown how the architecture, design and services provided within the Exchange are all there to ensure smooth and secure trades for the members and employees.

Visitors are then brought to the international diamond trading hall where they get to learn and see how diamond deals and trades are conducted. The electric feel of the international trading hall is palpable, and the diversity and inclusion members and traders display is a great insight into the culture of this highly successful industry,

The final stop of the tour is in a boutique inside the Israel Diamond Exchange, where visitors are greeted with refreshments, music and an opportunity to browse and purchase. There is an interactive lesson for visitors of all ages where they can learn how diamonds are evaluated and what adds or detracts from its overall value.

The Diamond Tour is conducted by diamond professionals and members of the Israel Diamond Exchange to provide the perspective from the professionals.

IsraelTours4U offers a range of luxury tours which provides visitors a unique perspective of Israel’s industry, natural landscapes and beauty including helicopter tours and winery tours.

The tours are fully accessible and include pick up and drop off. The tours are offered in English, French and Russian.

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