The Important Hidden Makeup Essentials you Have to Know

The Important Hidden Makeup Essentials you Have to Know

What are the makeup essentials? Face primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder or setting spray, eye shadow, eyebrow products, eyeliner, lipstick, blusher, highlighter, what else? What is the most important and often forgotten element in makeup? That is the mirror.

A makeup mirror may have various names, the most common being makeup mirrors, cosmetic mirrors or a girl’s best friend. These names show the importance of the makeup mirror in makeup. But for men, it is also important that having the effect of helping to groom their appearance, so it is also often called a shaving mirror for easy use in the bathroom or showers.

Despite the various names, the substantial and important functions cannot be covered up or replaced. So how should we pick such an important make-up essential to help us create a perfect image?

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The important thing about makeup on top of the clarity of the mirror is lighting.

Lighting will affect your makeup to a considerable extent, the brightness will affect the clarity of your vision, while the color temperature will affect your judgment of the color of your entire makeup.

Imagine what kind of makeup you would apply in dim lighting.

You will find that in daylight and it is nothing like you imagined, but at a romantic candlelit dinner it may become appropriate in soft light.

Makeup Mirror from Vonluce

When choosing a makeup mirror with lighting, it is best to pick one that is more suitable for everyday applications and has a light source close to natural daylight light. Incandescent light is very close to sunlight and has good color-rendering properties. But there are large power consumption and short life shortcomings. Compare to LED lights, incandescent light emits more heat at the same brightness.

Fluorescent light solves the shortcomings of incandescent light. It has higher efficiency, longer service life, soft light, better control of blue light and color temperature which is close to daylight, but the color rendering effect is a little poorer. What’s more, it exists in strobe phenomenons, so it is easy to make the human eye feel fatigued under prolonged lighting.

LED lights compared to the first two better on illumination efficiency and longer service life. Also, there are no UV radiation problems, excellent! But only good LED light has good illumination, good color rendering properties, no strobe, no radiation problems and more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

In short, the most cost-effective option is to choose a dimmable LED lighting mirror, which can fully meet your needs for makeup and facilitate your observation of the effect of makeup under different lights.

Because, in general, from the perspective of close to natural light effect, incandescent light is better than fluorescent light, fluorescent light is better than LED light, but in the optimization of LED for a long time this gap is not huge like before, as long as in the selection of LED lights to choose the which color temperature as close to 4000K (closest to the color temperature of natural light) of the bulb can be. On the color rendering properties, incandescent light is better than fluorescent light, LED light depending on the specific product; in the strobe, energy saving and service life, LED is better than fluorescent light and incandescent light.


Nowadays, many makeup mirrors are made double-sided, with one side reflecting the normal size image and the other side reflecting the magnified image, so that users can get more details of themselves to help them have more precise control in their makeup, especially of eyeliner and mascara and the flawlessness of the base makeup. That’s why it has also become an indispensable and important partner for beauty tools. Generally, the magnification range is from 3x to 10x. The image will be distorted beyond 10x magnifier, but it is a little not enough for using in the magnification below 5x, broadly 6x to 10x is better.

Makeup Mirror from Vonluce

Vonluce offers different types of light up and magnifying vanity mirrors, including which one could magnify and be dimmable with touch screen control intelligent manipulation, allowing you to freely choose the desired light.

Choose the Right Mirror to the Proper Place

For the mirror, the location is very important, it determines the user’s feeling to a large extent. If you have already picked out in your mind a proper position in your home to view yourself, maybe a wall-mounted mirror is a good choice that saves the space on the countertop and has a large range to reflect. If it is to be installed in a bathroom, note whether it is suitable for use in wet places or just only in dry places.

Makeup Mirror from Vonluce

The makeup mirror on the table is more mobile and can be used anywhere, in the bathroom, bedroom, or even taken outside. It is easier to change the angle to facilitate the user to review their own makeup look.

Large Hollywood Makeup Mirror from Vonluce

Vonluce offers many different types of vanity mirrors, whether they are table top, wall-mounted or retractable mirrors, offering many options for the ideal way to look at your image.

Vonluce offers a wide range of high quality home décor including makeup mirrors, ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, tables, chairs, fireplaces and many other stylish and affordable furniture items.

Visit the Vonluce mirror collection to choose one that’s right for you.

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