The Fastest Online Payout Methods in Canada

The Fastest Online Payout Methods in Canada

Online casinos in Canada have been concentrating on speeding up their payouts. This has led to a significant increase in the number of sign-ups witnessed. However, for a withdrawal to be fast, you need a fast withdrawal method. What are these payout methods that can process withdrawals in a shake? Well, in this article, you’ll get the answers to this question and more. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Popular Fast Payout Methods in Canada

Undoubtedly, it’s impossible to disregard the advancement of banking solutions in Canada. This has given Canadian gamblers more options to cash in and out. However, a few options stand out for their incredible speeds. These include:


By far, cryptocurrencies are the fastest when it comes to casino payouts. Bitcoin was the first crypto to surface, having been created in 2009. Since then, several other digital currencies have emerged. 

Bitcoin has become a hot topic recently. Many online merchants, including fastest payout casinos in Canada, are now accepting payments in BTC. The best thing about it is that transactions are lightning-fast. Besides fast payout speeds, playing at Bitcoin casinos has several advantages. One of the most alluring ones is that most of these casinos don’t charge transaction fees.

Again, Bitcoin employs peer-to-peer technology to run without a central authority or banking institutions. So, the network as a whole is responsible for handling transactions and issuing bitcoins. Additionally, since Bitcoin is an open-source project, anyone can use it. All you need is a digital wallet with some funds, and you are good to go.


Like BTC, Doge is one of the fastest crypto payment methods in Canada. It was created in 2013 and is among the most unique cryptos. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it’s a highly experimental crypto with a vibrant and active community.

The block size for both Bitcoin and Dogecoin is 1 MB. Doge confirms blocks every minute, whereas the Bitcoin block chain does so every ten minutes. So, a Dogecoin transaction happens ten times quicker than a Bitcoin transaction.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, admitted that it was his preferred cryptocurrency. As a result, he was chosen as the top candidate by Dogecoin’s vibrant community for the fictional position of CEO. 

Credit/Debit cards

Debit/credit cards are the most often used payment methods at online casinos. They are also widely used for financial transactions globally. Using credit/debit cards to withdraw earnings from a casino is incredibly easy. That’s why a good number of players still love this traditional payment method. Unfortunately, compared to cryptocurrencies, the withdrawal process is slower. Most of the time, it takes five business days for the transaction to be fully processed.

For Canadian players, online casinos often only accept Visa and MasterCard, but occasionally you can find alternative online casino payment cards. VISA International issues licenses to banks and financial institutions across the globe so they can issue credit/debit cards. Therefore, all you need is a bank account, and you can easily acquire a credit/debit card.

Why cryptos are preferred in Canada

Canadian crypto casinos are gaining popularity. This is because the currency offers benefits that banks and other payment solutions can’t possibly match. The greatest and most apparent is the phenomenal value growth that cryptocurrencies have experienced over the past several years. They are also decentralized and employ encryption technology to ensure complete security in all transactions.

Let’s take a closer look at cryptocurrencies’ benefits to see what makes them a terrific option.


The fact that cryptos are fully anonymous and decentralized is one of the things that has made them popular in online casinos. No one can hack your Bitcoin to view your personal information or your account. This makes it a completely safe solution for online use. However, it’s crucial to pick a crypto account with a high reputation for security. Alternatively, you can just use the casino’s exchange option.

A system known as a blockchain, encrypts each payment, making all transactions undetectable. This makes it impossible for hackers—or anybody else, for that matter—to access your personal information.

Universal currency anyone can use

Cryptos do not belong to any one nation or bank. Hence, anybody can use them and benefit from their features. Moreover, to buy cryptocurrency, you don’t have to be in a particular country or have a specific bank account. 

Cheap transaction fees 

Using cryptocurrency in Canadian online casinos guarantees maximum profits. There are cheaper transaction fees, which means you can withdraw more cash to your bank. In fact, most reputable Canadian casinos usually have no transaction fees.

Promotions and Bonuses

When it comes to providing incentives to players, Canadian crypto casinos beat the expectations. They provide unique benefits and exclusive incentives, such as Lite coin rewards and Bitcoin bonuses.

 At crypto casinos, you may enjoy welcome bonuses as well. The good news is that incentives don’t just apply to new players. Existing players at these casinos can also receive bonuses. Some even offer VIP packages to the most devoted account holders.

Bottom line

Players don’t only select Canadian casinos based on the calibre of the bonuses and casino games. Nowadays, more gamers also desire quick payouts. Cryptocurrencies provide instant payouts, which is what all Canadian gamblers need.

Moreover, cryptos are among the safest methods that keep your money secure. You’ll also benefit from exciting bonuses and complete anonymity. It’s also worth noting that using cryptos comes with negligible transaction fees. Why waste any more time? Invest in your cryptocurrency and get blazing-fast withdrawals that will enhance your playing experience!

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