The Best Character in Genshin Impact

The Best Character in Genshin Impact

Currently as of 2022 there are 49 Genshin characters outside of the Traveler’s elemental variations. With all these characters, let’s break down who the best character is if you are not sure who to invest in. This isn’t a simple choice due to preference. We will be going over the criteria based on playstyle, damage output, farming difficulty, and overall usefulness. Meticulously breaking each character led us to one that rises above
them all. Who is this amazing character that can fill all these criteria? It’s the one and only Ganyu! Before you get upset that it was not been your preferred character, let’s dig into why she comes at the top of the list.

1. Smooth Playstyle

Ganyu comes ready to play right out of the box. She is an archer, but don’t let this discourage you. Her attack deals two sources of damage. The first is a direct shot, but it’s her second shot that not only deals big damage, it’s also AoE. This means if your aiming isn’t that great it’s ok! You can just aim at the ground, and her 2nd skill will deal damage to all surrounding enemies. As you get better and better at aiming you can
utilize her fully damage potential. Her 2nd skill makes it easy since it taunts all the enemies to cluster them in a central location. Lastly her burst has a huge radius. This means even though she’s an archer, precision aiming isn’t required to get a lot from her playstyle.

2. Huge Damage

Ganyu has huge damage potential. Her charged attack deals a lot of damage. Since it’s AoE you can deal 100K damage to all enemies individually multiple times. This makes her master of mob fights. Her E does a nice one time explosion damage once depleted. Her burst has a huge radius, deals constant damage, lasts a long time and buffs her damage output. All of her skills come together to make her a powerhouse that is
unmatched by any character in Genshin Impact. She may not deal the highest single target damage like Hu Tao but it’s her relentless ability to deal damage to multiple targets that makes her such an amazing DPS character.

3. Easy Farming

Let’s begin by leveling up Ganyu. The only additional area you have to open up is Liyue to farm all the materials needed to level her up along with her skills. There’s several new characters locked behind story quests before you can level them up. The only annoying and real difficulty is getting all the qinxing flowers which rest on the peaks of mountains and above the Chasm. Here is a link to the interactive map that will help you find the materials you need. Blizzard strayer is the best in slot artifacts for her to boost her crit rate, however, you can farm any artifacts that boost damage and they will be useful on her. Quick tip, I always farm dungeons that are easiest and can be useful across multiple characters. This really cuts down time during farming so you can enjoy the rest of the game.

4. Super Useful

Ganyu is excellent from early game to late game. She can be used in nearly any situation except against Cryo Shields. She is amazing for taking out lots of enemies making her perfect for many dungeons including Spiral Abyss. Not only that, she is great for exploration for knocking enemies off towers, blowing up bombs, popping balloons along with many puzzles that require range. As a Ganyu main myself, I put all my best artifacts on her and use her for just about everything! She is such an efficient character especially if you are new to the game and don’t have a lot of resources.


Ganyu is a GOAT for a reason. If you don’t have her you should immediately pull for her banner. Even if you don’t want to main her, she’s incredibly useful as a sub dps support. She’s great for damage, easy to build, and a really efficient character. If you are unsure of how to build her, use Genshin Database website to get all the information you need. Ganyu is the queen and deserves to have your attention to make your gameplay a lot easier in Genshin Impact.

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