Tech for Preventing Injuries

Tech for Preventing Injuries

It’s no secret that most professional sports teams use technology to monitor their athletes performance in training and actual events. After all, not only this helps them get much-needed information on how to improve but also stops injuries from taking place.

In light of this sports injuries may be prevented by using these three tech-related inventions and measures:

High Tech Hardware

Devices can be integrated into sports equipment, with the most common being GPS trackers that can detect speed, heart rate, distance or acceleration.

In high contact sports, the use of better protective hardware can mean the difference between an ended career and a bruise. Engineers and manufacturers are now looking towards better football helmets, basketball shoes and shirts that can stave off impacts and shocks. Mouth guards and strategically placed devices can foresee when a serious collision is about to take place and when it has occurred.

Wearables and Sensors

The most popular form of injury preventive devices are what we wear on our wrists when we run or go to the gym. They measure our heart rate, steps taken and calories burned, among others.

In the sports industry it goes farther than that. Pro-level devices measure performance and amount of stress to gauge whether or not to continue training. They can see what lies underneath the physical exterior and serve as indicators of general health.


It may sound unusual, but 슈어맨 gene-telling technology can be adapted to tell an individual how to train or what they should do to prevent injuries.

Each person will have varying nutritional, work-out and physical needs. Genetic tests can reveal insight on which factors increase the risk of injury and what they can do in terms of diet and movement.

Simply by having a DNA sample you can get a meal plan that fits you to a tee.

John Norwood
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