Stay Safe during the Pandemic by Choosing Reusable Face Masks

Stay Safe during the Pandemic by Choosing Reusable Face Masks

The pandemic has changed our lives drastically. Wearing face masks in public is the new normal. If you are tired of purchasing use and throw masks, then a better solution would be to go in for reusable face masks. Now, you just cannot go to any store and pick out the first reusable mask you see. You need to do your homework and check the credibility of the suppliers selling the masks.

Choosing the Right Face Mask Supplier

Now, you might be wondering how it matters. It is a face mask after all. Here is where you tend to make a mistake. Not all face masks sold by vendors will protect you against Covid. If you have just shifted to Norway, then this is a good way to learn new words.

The Norwegian word for facemask is munnbind. You can check with stores such as HviteTenner, which is a part of iShop AS in Akeveien, Norway, and specializes in all types of reusable facemasks. All their facemasks are made from high-quality cotton non-woven fabric that can make breathing easier.

Other factors that you might want to take into consideration when it comes to choosing reusable facemasks include:

  • Check for the cloth fabric used by the supplier
  • Cotton, polyester, or a mixture of both is acceptable
  • Cloth masks with filters can help protect you from harmful particles
  • If you are personally visiting the store, ensure that the facemask covers your mouth and nose properly
  • Check if the mask has different layers for protection
  • Each layer protects you from different types of infections

Facemasks can be a pain sometimes, especially if you wear glasses. Your glasses will fog up, which can be truly frustrating. You may then pull the mask a bit lower, so it covers your mouth. This is not right.

When you are out in public, you can be exposed to many people who might show no symptoms of Covid. It is always better to be careful and cover your nose and mouth, no matter how irritating it might be. Wear the mask first and the glasses over it.

Wearing and Removing your Mask Correctly

Always sanitize your hands. It is handy to keep a sanitizer on you when you go out in public. When you get back home, you might just want to throw away your mask on the couch or table. When you remove your mask, ensure that you start with the strings attached to your facemask.

Then fold the mask from the outside corners and keep it inside your closet. If it is a reusable one, you can put it for a wash. Ensure not to touch your eyes, nose, or mouth when you remove the mask. The idea is tempting, but you need to rein it in for your safety. While washing, soak the mask in warm water and then rinse it with normal detergent.


Facemasks not only help to keep you safe, but can also keep your loved ones protected. Ensure that you even practice social distancing and limit going out in public unless it is necessary.

John Norwood
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