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Sony Enjoys Nearly Doubled PS4 Sales Amid Pandemic

Sony reports an impressive 2020 Q1 financial earning of 91 million PS4 games, an 83% increase from previous years’ sales. Understandably, most of the game console owners stayed indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic and bought digital video game copies, which accounted for 74% of the total figure.

Additionally, PS Plus subscription numbers swelled, up 44.9 million members from 41.5 million during the last quarter.

Sony mentioned in the investor’s report that although the company is facing challenges such as international travel restrictions and working constraints, the company has taken preparations for the PS5 to be released in this year’s holiday season.

Gaming proved to be one of Sony’s bright spots, with the division acquiring $5.7 billion for Q1, up $1.4 billion from last year’s $4.3 billion. Overall sales went up from $18.1 billion to $18.6 billion for the previous year, while operating income went down from $2.18 billion to $2.15 billion in the same time period.

Robert Ortega
Robert is an editor at Ziddu. Previously he worked as a reporter for Business Insider, covering venture capital and private equity investment from New York and Shanghai.