Six reasons why you should move to St Albans

Six reasons why you should move to St Albans

One of the oldest regions in the heart of London, St Albans, is a significant commuter belt and the most desirable place to live near Hertfordshire. It is also popularly known as the cathedral city, which has a striking roman ambience and aura across the region. Most families approach the local estate agents in St Albans to catch the best deals on properties in that region. Living in central London might be suffocating for most of them due to the jam-packed streets. Amidst many places in the city, St Albans is much of a breather for those who wish to enjoy the solitude and greenery. Most of the countryside regions of London like Harpenden, Hatfield, or Redbourn are a stroll away from St Albans. Living in St Albans is a dream come true as it is an ideal place to reside among the busy streets of London.    


Most overseas investors hunt for properties that are located in a central yet peaceful region of London. Undoubtedly, St Albans is the most sought-after place to invest in properties. The strong transport links and the neighbourhood is the primary reason to find the best properties for sale in St Albans.This region comes in the list of top ten places in London that has an excellent housing economy. Being one of the wealthiest areas in London, St Albans is the most promising region where property investment can be made at its best with the help of Collinson Hall estate Agents in St Albans.  


St Albans emanates the perfect countryside setting and remains distinct compared to the bustling streets of London. The transport nerve centre of London- Kings Cross can be effortlessly reached within 20 minutes from St Albans. The most popular Verulamium Park spans about 100 acres, with a boating lake that is the eye candy of St Albans. Most people think of St Albans as the best place to raise their families, as they can easily access all the necessary facilities.     


St Albans is home to a rich heritage for the longest time in London. There are many theatres in the city like the Maltings Art Theatre that hosts dramas and other performances. The line-up of independent markets, shops, cafes and restaurants draws in most of the crowd from different parts of London. It is impossible to miss the live music in every corner of this county in the evenings and the main reasons for making St Albans a distinct place. This region is bound by many skate parks, scuba diving classes to keep people occupied during leisure times.        


The biggest perk of living in St Albans is the access to transport links- tube stations, railway networks, buses, and motorways. The most important parts of London can easily be reached with these active links. When hunting for the right home, the residents should easily access all the required facilities effortlessly. At St Albans, residents are bestowed with top schools, markets, flashy restaurants, gastropubs and what not! The range of cuisines available at St Albans is remarkable and satisfies every kind of taste buds.


The people of St Albans are warm and welcoming, just like the place itself. This county of London is packed with a high-spirited bunch of people who light up the locality with great vibes. St Albans is a place for everyone. From those who love the serenity and a calm space to a vibrant, fun-loving crowd, every kind of person can be seen here. St Albans is a perfect reflection of the countryside in the middle of the buzzing and energetic city of London. The green neighbourhoods with large and breezy homes lure in the investors and renters to St Albans.  


Living in St Albans gives the satisfaction of living in central London without having to live amidst noisy streets or crowded commercial places. The increase in the number of residents over the years did not disturb the charm of St Albans in any way. People from other regions and families settling in this county usually enjoy the beautiful blend of tranquillity and the distinct pep of St Albans.
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