Save Your Supervisors Time With Online Time Clock Software

Save Your Supervisors Time With Online Time Clock Software

that their employees are on task, address any issues that arise, and manage time for those who work under them. This includes having to review time cards, approve or deny time off requests, update schedules, etc. Who has time for all of that?

One of the most Supervisors at every level and in every type of business are a busy group of people. They have to ensure beneficial tools available to supervisors and HR staff is an online timecard system. Employers can reduce time spent on administrative tasks and free up supervisors to focus on more critical business operations, such as ensuring the bottom line is met through investing in online time clock software.

Software For Supervisors On-The-Go

No two supervisors have the same workflow or work under the same conditions. Additionally, not all of these individuals have access to a computer throughout their workday. This significantly limits their ability to monitor and manage the time tracking process for their employees. In such cases, a cloud-based time clock is a perfect solution to a common supervisor problem.

Like those in manufacturing or retail, some businesses have few computers on hand to help expedite the time tracking process. This is a relatively common managerial limitation that impacts a supervisor’s ability to edit and approve timesheet information efficiently. However, allowing supervisors to manage their worker’s time tracking data through a mobile device can increase productivity and reduce labor costs.

In addition to viewing time tracking information, they can review schedules, edit or approve timesheet information, and manage time off requests. You can empower your management team through online time clock software that gives managers real-time access to time-sensitive information. By putting supervisors in a position that allows them to quickly respond to labor exceptions and answer requests of their employees, you will see increased employee satisfaction, improved payroll accuracy, and a jump in productivity.

Time-Saving Features

Supervisors have to juggle several tasks throughout the day, so finding ways to improve processes and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks is crucial. Online employee time tracking software can meet that need. Below are just a few examples of how online time clock software can help your supervisors save time, resulting in reduced labor costs and improved productivity.

  • Check Employee Status: For supervisors who are on the go, knowing in real-time whether an employee is punched in, out, or on vacation can be extremely valuable for making smart business decisions. By using an online time and attendance app, management can merely glance at a dashboard to determine who is where and what they are working on.
  • Approve or Reject Time Off: Monitoring employee time off is an essential part of the time tracking process. Unfortunately, supervisors that are given this task find it challenging to make decisions without adequate data. Approvals can frustrate management when they have to take time away to determine whether the employee should be allowed to take time off. Supervisors can review existing time off requests with online time clock software to determine if business needs would still be met if time off is approved.
  • Review Time Cards: Employee time card information is a great way to determine an employee’s productivity. However, exceptions occur that require supervisors to take action. Online timesheet software allows management to take action immediately from any device available to them without delay. They can review and edit time card information when it is most convenient for them.
  • View Schedules: Supervisors are often in charge of diverse groups with varying shifts and workloads throughout the day. With online time clock software, management can quickly review the schedules for their assigned employees. If any shift changes are needed, these can also be made directly from within the software with only a few clicks. Any changes made can be quickly relayed to the employee.

Online time clock software is an excellent investment for both employees and employers. It can help supervisors significantly by allowing them to have all time tracking data available at their fingertips. They can quickly review employee work schedules, time off requests, and take action on any exceptions that have occurred, such as an automatic punch out. With the added convenience of a mobile application, your managers can monitor their employees from any location and at any time, improving productivity and, in turn, profits.

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