Review Eureka Ergonomic Sentry RGB Gaming Desk w/ Monitor Shelf Gaming Desk By Will Firth

Review: Eureka Ergonomic Sentry RGB Gaming Desk w/ Monitor Shelf Gaming Desk By: Will Firth

Time for another gaming desk review. I’ve had a slow trickle of gaming desks come in over the last few weeks but admit I haven’t had a whole lot of time to assemble and explore each and every one of them. When the RGB Sentry Gaming Desk arrived, though, you better believe I made time for that. Everyone knows me as a huge Call of Duty head.

I don’t know about you gamers, but that’s already super accommodating to my tastes and needs! But first let’s start with the nuts ’n’ bolts, see if your interest is piqued:

Price: $269.99

Dimensions: 58” Wide, 36” Deep, 36” Tall

Notable features: From officially licensed partner of Call of Duty w/ signature Call of Duty imagery; Controllable RGB lighting; Monitor riser that can lift up to 220lbs; Carbon fiber desktop; Premium aluminum alloy frame; Headphone hook; Magnetic cable ties

Level of Awesomeness: Off the charts

Got your Attention yet?!

They call it the Sentry for a reason—with a rising monitor like that, you’ll get an unobstructed view of the terrain. It’s wide and strong enough to support two monitors, and the whole desk can hold up to 220lbs—surely with that bolstered of a gaming desk, your fortress will be impenetrable. Clown your enemies from above with controllable RGB lighting in a range of patterns and colors.

If the dependability of the build is a major concern of yours (as it is with me), rest assured, this gaming desk guarantees long-lasting utility. Its I-shaped legs are made from premium aluminum alloy (and come in a Call of Duty-themed Desert Sand color) and the desktop is made from carbon fiber that’s scratch-resistant and waterproof. A sleek metallic trim frames the desktop. To make sure your setup doesn’t wobble, each leg has an adjustable leveling foot, which also helps to prevent scuffs and wear-and-tear on your floor. Bases: covered.

Did I mention the space? It’s wide and deep, so fill up your gaming station to your heart’s content, whether across the surface of the gaming desk or underneath it. It even include magnetic cable ties so your cords don’t get into a tangled mess (hate when that happens).

I know you’re thinking: Are there any cons? I confess, the instruction manual at times can be a challenge, but assembling it was intuitive enough for me that that’s not a heavy enough knock against it.

Eureka Ergonomic clearly took their partnership with Call of Duty seriously with the Sentry RGB Gaming Desk. I enjoyed it so much, I even went over to their website and got a WARZONE gaming chair and Call of Duty floormat (“WELCOME TO NUKEPAD,” ha ha) to add to my setup. I might end up returning for some more merch—if you can’t tell, I’m very pleased with how well my favorite video game franchise is being represented, with such undeniable manufacturing and design quality. I don’t foresee taking the Sentry down anytime soon.

John Norwood
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