Recruitment software bringing big results for small staffing agencies

Recruitment software bringing big results for small staffing agencies

Staffing agencies of all sizes need recruitment software.

It introduces better working techniques and drives better results. However, we are here to talk specifically about how recruitment software is significant to small recruitment agencies.

A small staffing agency profits from using a recruitment platform that is familiar with industry challenges as well as the unique issues afflicting smaller businesses. The right kind of recruitment CRM is the best investment an agency can make. But ensuring the suitability of the software needs some detailed research at the outset.

Here’s what the right recruitment software system must offer smaller agencies –

1.       SaaS payment

Software as a system is significant for the small staffing agency where budget constraints are a big stumbling block. SaaS allows payment flexibility. Recruiters can pay either a fixed amount each month or pay annually. This is more affordable because users are paying for a license to be able to use the software instead of purchasing the software permanently. It is also flexible as users can expand the number of licenses or reduce them according to business needs.

2.       Cloud-based

Small recruitment agencies usually consist of less than five recruiters operating out of a small office. In such situations, it is best to have a cloud-based recruitment software. This removes the issue of having an appropriate space to store physical hardware as well as an IT personnel to maintain and secure the data. Cloud-based recruitment CRM systems store the data on the cloud. The added advantage is that users are not tied to the office location and can work from anywhere.

3.       Compliance checks

The same compliance laws apply to every worker and every agency. Thus, smaller firms must work with a software vendor who can deliver a robust feature that enables easy and comprehensive compliance checks. GDPR and IR35 rules have to be followed consistently. There is a hefty fine for shirkers. But these regulations are complex and recruiters need some help if they want to execute these mandatory checks.

4.       Automation

Recruiters lose many valuable hours in administrative tasks. Instead of investing the time in relationship building or refining the candidate management system, recruiters are wasting hours in CV parsing and branding or doing data entry. Now imagine what a CRM system can achieve! Staffing agencies must get recruitment software to automate the most repetitive and tedious activities. That way they can accomplish things quicker and with the least amount of time and effort.

Big results, small agencies

Once the recruitment businesses start using the right software then they can easily enjoy these big advantages.

•                Stronger communication leading to better candidate experience

•                Improvements in candidate sourcing techniques

•                Focusing on both active and passive candidates

•                Easily assembling a prolific talent pool

•                Shorter time taken to achieve good quality results

•                Developing a positive brand reputation and market presence

These are just some of the rewards small staffing agencies can expect. While recruiting work can take place without the help of a recruitment platform, it is a more difficult endeavour.

Take all the help possible to achieve better and faster results. Recruiting is competitive. Partnering with the right kind of recruitment software holds enormous value and a competitive edge. For many start-ups and smaller recruitment agencies, this can be the extra factor that drives more candidates and clients, and more success their way.

It is also important to remember to use appropriate software for the different types of recruitment services. Temporary recruiting requires temporary agency recruitment software and for executive search, head-hunters need to work with executive search software to gain the maximum results.  

John Norwood
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