Reasons why you need a massage

Reasons why you need a massage

There has been a transformation in massage therapy over the years, and many people can now attest to the fact that massage is beneficial. Many people think that massage is only meant for relaxation, but it is more than that. Sometimes, you need massage as a therapy prescribed by the physician; other times, you need it to keep fit.

This article outlines some reasons why you need a massage.

Massage relieves stress and anxiety.

The modern world is full of stressors, and you need time to unwind, forget the stressful encounters. That is perfectly achieved through taking time in your favorite spa. It could mean you sign up for a chair massage at the mall, where you regularly go and relax.

Massage relieves lower back pain.

If your work’s nature demands that you go for long hours while seated, you will most likely have an issue with your lower back. This is also a problem that comes with age, and sometimes it can be so severe so that you’ve to miss work. To avoid problems with your back, you should schedule a massage session. That will help reduce the lower back pain and the disability that may develop.

Reduces pain in other parts of the body

If you work for hours daily, you will feel exhausted with time, and most of your body parts will develop some pain. The neck, the shoulders, knee, and hip joints are common areas that will most likely develop some pain. A massage therapist has the skills to handle any form of pain.  Some health conditions like arthritis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, and headache may cause pain in your body. Through regular massage sessions, that pain is dealt with and would ultimately disappear. All you need is a trained and experienced massage therapist.

Reduces muscle tension

Athletes fall in this category, from the professional ones to those engaged in simple workouts, which benefit a lot from massage programs. Special sports massage is perfect in dealing with range of motion, conditioning, flexibility, and hastening recovery.

Massage improves flexibility

Whether you’re an athlete or not, Shiatsu Massage will enhance blood circulation to all the body muscles, thus boost the flow of oxygen and nutrients to most of the body parts. That means easy conversion of food to energy and thus improved flexibility.

Relieves tension headache

Tension headache is caused by muscle contraction in sensitive areas like the neck, scalp, face, and jaw.  A significant cause of this type of headache is stress. Massage therapy will help reduce this kind of tension and alleviate the pain thereof.

Reduces depression

Depression can be defined as extended stress. If you let stress linger without dealing with it, it graduates to a situation where your body and mind have little control of what you can do. If you find yourself in this situation, you can try some massage sessions with a therapist. The massage therapy helps manage the pain and other symptoms.

There are so many benefits of massage to your body- the list is inexhaustible. Book for massage sessions with a trusted therapist who will guide you and help relieve pain while attaining other goals.

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