Protection From Abuse Law – Understand Your Legal Rights

People suffering from domestic violence, sexual abuse, stalking, and other offensive behavior may seek protection from the civil courts. The Protection from Abuse Act (PFA) authorizes people to report such acts against family members including spouses, siblings, and biological parents. The law aims to provide protection from physical as well as sexual abuse faced at home.

If you or someone you know needs protection immediately, do not hesitate to seek legal advice. A protection from abuse attorney in PA can guide them to understand their legal rights and prevent such incidents. Crime data suggests that a large number of people suffer from domestic abuse. In most cases, they remain unreported. It also leads to numerous deaths.

Impact of PFA Order

If an individual is found guilty of violating the clauses of the PFA order, they have to face severe consequences. The restrained members may not be allowed to enter the house they lived in. This might create hardships for the restrained party when the member is not allowed to stay in the same home.

Besides, a restraining order may also prevent the member from using personal items. He or she is also unable to care for any dependents present at home. Pennsylvania law is quite strict in this regard. To enforce the PFA orders, police may also arrest a party. Even cases of unintentional violation of the order may result in criminal prosecution.

Role of Attorneys in PFA Cases

PFA cases are often complex because it involves people that are known to the defendant. In some cases, inadvertent mistakes are also created by the restrained party. To avoid criminal prosecution, a lawyer can be extremely helpful. He not only advises the client about the right course of action but, also defends him or her in court.

Sometimes, cases of abuse of PFA provisions are also reported. Although judges rely on facts to give their verdicts, they also tend to make mistakes. Therefore, if a person is falsely accused in this Act, a lawyer can use his skills to present the case in court. Experienced professionals in this field understand the finer details of the Act and help to provide relief.

During divorce or custody proceedings, a PFA order can be manipulated to fulfill personal agendas. It may be used to gain rights to property, children, or meet other interests. To avoid such incidents, a trained attorney in Pennsylvania can ensure fair judgment of the case.

Why Do You need a Lawyer for PFA Cases?

PFA proceedings are generally expedited. The trial may begin and end within 10 days. Generally, court cases drag for months or years, giving attorneys and clients enough time to prepare. But, in this case, time is a major factor in determining the interest of the aggrieved party. If a person has accused another relative of physical or sexual abuse, it must be proved in court.

Without the help of a professional criminal attorney, you stand to lose your rights. Similarly, if a false representation personally affects the restrained party, it needs to be legally handled. Lawyers, therefore, become saviors in these cases.

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