Play with real professional gamers to learn from them, win games and have one hell of a time!

Play with real professional gamers to learn from them, win games and have one hell of a time!

When it comes to the world of e-sports, the competition is fierce. The wanna-be stars continue to join various e-sports titles to get renowned and find the game that will make them famous. Still, without hard work and someone who can teach you, the dreams almost always remain just dreams. You will not survive in the e-sports business if you are anything less than a pro and are not ready to put in the hard work and hours of genuine training. The same goes for those trying every trick in the book to increase their skill. Often all effort goes in vain.

In some bad cases, the frustration of the inability to get better leads to some dire results when some players refer to quite illegal methods. And as it always happens, they lose their game accounts for that. A better and perhaps the best way to grow both as a player and a pro gamer material is by using a new type of Game service

What is this service?

This service will put you in a team with a real pro player, so you can either learn from him, have him give you all kinds of advice and answer all of your questions or you can just play with him or them, have fun, and get more wins. You can see the stats and achievements of each player and choose the one who you like the most. But the best part is – all of these people are super friendly and chill. On many occasions, whenever you get into a squad with relatively good players with decent K/D, the size of their ego is so big that it feels like you almost have to lick their boots before asking them of something. Many players have this kind of attitude. But not the pros that you will find by clicking on that link. If you’re only interested in finding calm and friendly people to play with, then this is a service for you.

What is the process?

The process is straightforward and is always the same, no matter what kind of service you’re after. Simply select the offer that looks best to you, and you’ll get contacted by a support team. Then, simply provide some details about when you’ll be available for the session and how many matches for how much time you want to play. Based on your details, a pro player will be assigned to your order.

 Once again, this is the best way to not only learn firsthand information about how to become better in your favorite game, but this is also the best way to find chill and kind teammates and win lots of games with them!

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.