PC or Smartphone? Deciding on What Device to Upgrade

PC or Smartphone? Deciding on What Device to Upgrade

Many tasks that were handled by computers then can now be done on a tablet or computer. Flagship smartphones this year have beefier computational hardware compared to computers 5 years ago.

Deciding what you should get or upgrade can depend on a number of things, including cost, screen size, portability, software and productivity.


Computers are still king when it comes to computational power. They can run programs and games that normal smartphones would have trouble with. However, that power comes at a cost of a lot of electricity.

Smartphones are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, which means they sacrifice power for portability. As technology advances the gap between the two are slowly closing out.


A high end PC can cost somewhere between $2,000 to $3,000, while a mobile phone is somewhere around $1,000.

In the mid-tier range tablets and smartphones beat out PC, price-wise. Those who are on a budget will get the most bang for their buck by buying a mobile phone.


With the exception of ultra light notebooks mobile devices are the best in portability.

Most mobiles fit into the palm of your hand and pocket and can be taken out in just a few seconds. A laptop, on the other hand will have to be taken out its case and turned on before you can start using it.


The games you can play in a mobile phone is different from ones you can play in a computer. The reason for this is because they have different operating systems and thus different titles.

There are some similarities though- for instance, casino games that can be played on a browser will be compatible on both computer and smartphone devices. Visit 카지노사이트 and you can enter and enjoy games with a chance to win big.

Generally speaking, apps and games on mobile take up less space compared to their PC counterparts.

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