On-Page SEO - A Complete Analysis

On-Page SEO – A Complete Analysis

SEO, search engine optimization is highly used and preferred by all businesses that want to expand their presence and influence on the internet. However, various methods and techniques need to be used to do so. To know more about SEO, contact any SEO expert in Perth companiesfor better insights.

SEO expert says that for Google to increase your ranking in its search lists, it needs to understand your web page and determine what you have to offer. This depends on the On-Page SEO techniques used.

What is On-page SEO?

ON-page SEO is used to optimise the various websites for their contents and keywords to determine the deserved traffic and visibility a web page should receive. Such an SEO includes various elements like content, keywords, titles, URL links, internal links, etc.

Why is on-page SEO so important?

Any famous SEO expert in Perth states that on-page SEO is very important as working on SEO is dependent on their elements like keywords, content, URLs, etc. These elements should be crafted very carefully as they will decide the number of people you attract.

Let us now look at each of these elements in detail for better understanding.

1.     Choosing keywords

SEO expert emphasis on the fact that keywords play an important role in determining the traffic and click your page will receive. Therefore, the stuffing of keywords is not helpful anymore, so you need to choose a few keywords wisely that represent the content your page is providing.

Since the competition on the internet is huge, you need to choose the keywords that you know do not have a lot of competition and are unique. This will increase the chances of your website being visible on the search list. Long-trail keywords should also be used since they have a 3 to 5% of a higher click rate than generic searches.

2.     Creating an appropriate URL

You need to make sure that your website has an appropriate URL that is accurate and short. In addition, it needs to be comprehended perfectly by the search engines to help you with your rankings and traffic. There are certain factors that SEO Expert suggests you need to keep in mind before designing the URL link for your web page like:

  • Make sure your URL link contains the keyword you have chosen for your content. Make sure you pace this keyword to the left of the link. This helps in increasing the rank of your web page when that particular keyword is searched for.
  • Keep the link short and accurate. Long links seem very complex and can get ignored due to this. The meaning of your page gets misguided and lost. Also, make sure to use a hyphen, as this makes your link more legible.

3.     Appearance and presentation

Make sure the content on your page is not in the format of a block of information and instead has pointers and images to make it more interesting for the readers. Having an attractive page is a plus point as a larger crowd gets attracted and can be potential customers.

Selecting appropriate headlines and bifurcation for your content is very important as it provides a clearer vision and helps the search engines understand your page better and provide a better ranking. In addition, title tags and Meta descriptions play an important role in increasing the number of clicks your page can get.


Mentioned above are some of the main elements of on-page SEO stated by any SEO expert in Perth. These need to be followed to gain visibility and credit on the internet. If you are new to SEO marketing, do follow the techniques mentioned above.

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