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New Gym Franchise: Special Strong

Growing your money is challenging to do, especially if you don’t know where to start. Aside from working tirelessly, investing is another good way of growing your money. However, investing comes with risks especially if you don’t allocate your hard-earned money properly. Searching for the best franchise opportunities is crucial because you have to judge and choose the most fitting for you. 

In this article, you will be introduced to a franchise opportunity named Special Strong, which belongs to the adaptive fitness industry. You will know what it is about and how it can help you grow your money.

Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Adaptive Fitness Industry

Deciding where to invest can be puzzling because there are many industries to choose from. The adaptive fitness industry includes a gym franchise that you can invest in. To give you a better understanding of it, here are five reasons why you should invest in the adaptive fitness industry.

1. Availability of Turnkey Business Models

Once you invest in the adaptive fitness industry, such as Special Strong, you also invest in their Turnkey Business Models. It means that you don’t have to work too much because they already have a strong brand recognition that leads them to success.

By having a franchise, you will already receive the business plan, procedures, as well as rules and regulations. They will also provide you the equipment that you need to operate.

In Special Strong, they will not just help you grow your money, but running a business as well. Once you already started, they will still support and guide you throughout your experience.

2. Low Entry Costs and Initial Investments

If you wish to invest, but you are on a budget, the adaptive fitness industry offers low entry costs and initial investments. Special Strong is one of those businesses that offer affordable franchises for those who wish to invest.

Aside from this, you will also undergo training to increase your knowledge of the industry. That is why you don’t have to worry if you only have little to no knowledge about the adaptive fitness industry. However, if you are already into fitness, then it won’t be too hard for you to run the business.

3. Career Growth with Work-Life Balance

A part of being fit is having a good work-life balance while letting yourself grow. Being an owner of the franchise means that you have to monitor and visit it regularly. Your work can be eased by training your staff and investing in them.

With Special Strong, you will be allowed to use the facilities and improve your lifestyle. You can also take a vacation from time to time and spend quality time with your family and yourself. Many investors in this field can experience career growth because you get to attend training with your team.

4. Booming Industry

The adaptive fitness industry is continuously growing, which means it can still develop. Even before the pandemic started, many people realized the importance of being fit and healthy. With fitness being part of people’s lifestyle, the industry’s demand is increasing. To cater to that demand, new gyms are built in different places, which signals the increasing demand for the franchise as well.

5. Diverse Market

Fitness is not limited to a specific age group. It should apply to all ages because we must take care of our bodies and monitor our health. The adaptive fitness industry caters to the demands of a diverse market with one goal in mind: keeping people fit and healthy.

Investing in Special Strong will enable you to change people’s lives. With your franchise, you can encourage them to exercise, which will give them tons of benefits in the long run. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will protect them from diseases and will make their body strong.

Choosing Special Strong

Given the reasons mentioned above, Special Strong provides us enough reason why it’s the best franchise to start. Special Strong has a lot to offer to you, your staff, and your customers. Investing in this is perfect for those who are on a budget, thanks to the low entry cost and the initial investment needed.

Should you want to invest and franchise, Special Strong will also guide you throughout, and give you the materials that you need. Aside from the materials prepared, they will also educate you and your staff through training in the Special Strong University.

We can see that Special Strong values its stakeholders by giving support, especially to first-time investors or business owners. With them bringing new experiences to an adaptive fitness gym, higher revenue will be expected in the future.

Doing Business with Special Strong

Special Strong offers quality fitness franchise opportunities that will kickstart the career of new entrepreneurs. Here are the two levels of how you can do business with Special Strong

  • Level 1

Level 1 is ideal for those who don’t have a brick and mortar gym. You can carry out the operations through in-home training services. Since you will not use a gym, the costs will be lower due to the absence of overhead costs and fees. You can still generate revenue on this level because the competition is limited.

  • Level 2

Level 2 is for those who own a brick and mortar gym. At this level, you can offer more services compared to level 1 since you have the equipment and space for it. Since you have more services to choose from, you can specialize in some of them, especially if the demand for them is high.

Franchising with Low Investment

There are lots of investment opportunities available, but only a few of them offer low-cost franchises. Special Strong enables you to grow your money by providing everything that you need with a low investment franchise.

People see that franchising a business in the adaptive fitness industry requires a lot of investment and your own gym. However, thanks to Special Strong, you can operate without a gym and still generate revenue.

How to Establish a Well-Built Franchise Framework with Special Strong

Establishing a well-built franchise framework is vital to ensure stable growth for your Special Strong gym franchise. Refining this framework lies in effort and specific know-how as an adaptive gym franchise owner. Here are some essential tips to help you start:

Two-Way Communication with Your Franchisor

Above all, having two-way communication with your franchisor is key to running your franchise well and fostering business growth. By willingly listening to feedback and recommendations, you can apply the necessary changes and improvements accordingly. It’s also vital to communicate suggestions and worries you have in mind and ask for their advice.

Participate in Training Programs

Special Strong’s training programs can help you learn how to manage and run your business in different aspects. As the franchise owner, it’s your duty to put your all into learning market tactics and innovative tools.

Put Your Focus on Growing Your Career

Rather than chasing after the earnings, put your focus on building your foundation as an entrepreneur. Running a gym franchise like Special Strong can teach you a lot about creating a good company culture and advancing your career.

Continuously Create Effective Marketing Tactics

The market is continually changing. Hence, you have to learn how to ride these changing waves and continuously create effective marketing tactics for your target audience. It will help you allocate your marketing budget accordingly and wisely.

Maintain the Quality of Your Services

Your service is the most crucial aspect that your clients will look at. Hence, you have to make sure that you can satisfy their needs through your service quality. As an adaptive gym franchise, you have to ensure that you have reliable certified fitness professionals on board.

Ways to Earn More with Special Strong

As a low investment franchise, Special Strong can offer the best franchise opportunities when it comes to earning potential. However, it’s still up to you as the franchise owner to handle the business’s finances and return on investment well.

Be Wise on Your Pricing

There are two main things to keep in mind regarding pricing: price up and limit your discount offers. If you know that you’re up to or even going beyond the quality standards of gym franchises, be confident in your pricing. Putting up regular discounts as a marketing tactic can do more harm than good as it compromises your revenue. Remember: clients will be willing to pay for high-quality services, so just focus on refining that.

Review Your Cost Strategies

Evaluating the costs of running your business helps you be exact on your expenses and income. It helps you identify better choices of suppliers, things that are not business value-adding, and other potential income streams. As a result, you can generate a more stable and steady income flow.

Communicate with Other Special Strong Franchisees

Communicating your worries and ideas to your Special Strong co-franchisees can help you run your business effectively. Since you have similar experiences but different strategies, they can help you identify your mistakes and teach you valuable suggestions.

Hone Your Marketing Skills

Your marketing strategy can make and break your brand image and sales. Hence, you have to continuously educate yourself about marketing, hone your skills, and experiment.

Build Connection with Your Clients

Pay attention to your client’s needs and feedback. Doing so would allow you to apply the necessary improvements in your service. Seeing that you’ve listened to their suggestions can also encourage them to refer your gym to others.

5 Reasons Why You Should Franchise with Special Strong

If you’re looking at low cost franchises that offer a promising return, you’ll never go wrong with Special Strong. Here are some reasons why you’ll be on board with the best franchise to start with Special Strong:

Lowest Cost Investment in the Market

It’s not easy to find affordable franchises with high earning potential. However, Special Strong specializes in both! We believe that everyone can be a franchise owner with will and dedication. You can start franchising with Special Strong for only $37,850.

Be Part of an Inclusive Environment

As an adaptive gym franchise, we foster an inclusive environment that caters to special populations. We offer our vast range of gym services to people with autism, cancer survivors, diabetics, and recovering athletes. By franchising with Special Strong, you can help serve these people within your range as well.

Assistance on Your Financing Needs

If you’re short on budget, financing may be a sensitive topic for you. However, Special Strong offers financing assistance for all our franchisees to help them start their business. As an SBA Express Loan Lender, we also make sure to get SBA-approved with their capital.

Undergo Comprehensive Training

Aside from fitness franchise opportunities, Special Strong also offers training programs that will educate you on serving special populations. We will help you get all the necessary training and getting certification as an adaptive fitness trainer.

Make a Difference

Special Strong runs with the goal of making a difference in each of our client’s lives. We uphold our value of creating a meaningful life for the audience we serve.

Choosing Your Gym Franchise

There are various gym franchises to choose from in the market. Hence, you have to be smart in choosing the franchise to partner with. Here are some tips that can help you choose:

Choose Your Gym Location Smartly

Being smart with your gym location can go a long way in your business growth. Make sure that you strategically choose a location that’s both accessible and appealing.

Be Aware of Hidden Charges

Some franchises promote very low investment at the beginning without laying down all the fees you’ll be paying in the future. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that your franchise is transparent with all costs and charges. Then, be sure to take note of all these costs as a reference for your planning and preparation.

Evaluate Your Current Financial Situation

Setting up your franchise and running it for a few months requires money out of your pocket. Keep in mind that you will not be generating revenue during the first months of your business. It typically takes about half a year to one year to see growth in revenue in running your business. Make sure that you can adequately finance your gym with your current financial situation.


There’s a lot of research required in running a franchise. While this is difficult work, it can help you formulate an effective business plan that will address your strengths and weaknesses. As a result, you can improve the quality of your services continually.

Produce a Realistic Customer Profile

Finally, make sure that you can produce a realistic customer profile for your gym. Once you accomplish this, you will have a clear vision of who you will serve and their needs.

Final Words

It’s definitely worth it to try gym franchising if you’re looking into starting a business. Moreover, running an adaptive gym franchise specifically is an enriching experience for most franchisees. Make sure to keep all the tips above and start changing lives with your gym.

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