Most searched watch brands

Most searched watch brands

With the rapid growth in technology, you’d have thought that the best luxury watch brands would be out of style. If that is what you thought, then you’re wrong. The top-notch men’s’ watches are as exciting more than ever before. If you love watches, you know its core purpose is not just to show time but part of grooming.

Did you know that the watch you wear tells you more about you and your character and the value you give yourself? Your peers will respect you, depending on the type of watch you don. 

Following are some of the most sought after watches

Pilots Watch Chronograph

This watch’s appeal is pretty straightforward with a thoughtful presence, which suggests that the wearer has some good knowledge about watches. It’s stylish, casual, with a fine dial finishing and invisible crystal. This makes the whole package cohesive and worth having. The design includes a three-hander Bronze UTC and a special edition of the Timezoner and with mixed tones of markings on the dial. The tone mix adds a distinctive character to the piece, and this differentiates it from its peers.

The “Top Gun” movie sequel has resulted in an increase in the popularity of the Pilots Watch Chronograph. A new version was introduced in June 2020, and the number of Google searches for this watch has skyrocketed.

The online market cost is now $7,924, nearly twice its price just ten months ago.


This is one of the most outstanding tool watch and, of course, the best in its price bracket. Imagine a 500M diver that comes under $5000. Compared to other Rolex products, Tudor is such an adventurous brand, more avant-garde, and its value for money is unmatched. The bracelet is made of grade 2 titanium, and the hardness is 80 times high. 

It serves as an altogether dive watch, powered with a highly functional movement. The appearance and the quality of the features here make it quite a highly valuable piece. The design and the capabilities of this watch have made one of the most sought after watches of our time.

It’s a no-nonsense watch that everyone is talking about. Everyone who wears Pelagos, has something good to say about it. In less than a month, it received over 180,000 Views and over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube. That should tell you how popular this watch is.

Rolex Milgauss

There has been a shortage of stainless steel Rolex professional watches, and with reduced supply, Rolex Milgauss becomes one of the most searched brands in the market today. Some new models are available at affordable rates, and thus the brand has moved from a cult classic to mainstream. 

The price of Milgauss ranges from 7,100 USD to 184,000 USD, depending on the model. This is a brand that Daniel Craig is wearing most of the time, which he wears with a white dial and a Rolex oyster bracelet. 

It has attracted more than 40,000 subscribers on YouTube in the last six months, with thousands of positive reviews.

Navitimer 01

This type of watch made its debut in the year 1952. It draws its name from two names; navigation and timer, and the most distinguishing feature is the flight-specific slide rule bezel.

The 43mm Breitling Navitimer is made of stainless, with an in-house caliber. It costs 6,300 USD and 5,800 USD in mint and pre-owned condition, respectively. It is a type of watch that belongs more with the pilot’s leather jacket. 

Navitimer 01 is one of the original classic aviators and a wristwatch chronograph which the brand has produced consistently for the last 50 years. The watch quarantine has been extended to five years, something that makes it a favorite for many.

The watch has over 100,000 views on different channels on YouTube, and it continues to gain popularity due to the many friendly and affordable versions it’s introducing to the market every other day.

The popularity of any watch brand depends on its functionality and simplicity. Anyone who understands a few things about watches knows what a quality watch means. That explains why Rolex has dominated the market for many decades.

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