Managing Your Melbourne Commercial Property—6 Tips on Plumbing Maintenance

Managing Your Melbourne Commercial Property—6 Tips on Plumbing Maintenance

How does property affect your Melbourne business? Do you manage commercial properties like apartment buildings or offices? Perhaps you own the premises you run your business from. In all these scenarios, never forget the importance of meticulous maintenance of one of your most valuable assets.

A main priority with property management should be looking after your plumbing system. This is why you need to update your speed dial list and add commercial plumbers Melbourne companies trust with their leaky pipes or other challenges. Also, you need a proper maintenance plan and we’ll share our checklist so you can plan more effectively.

Why is Proper Maintenance a #1 Priority?

Maintenance probably doesn’t seem so important until you’re left with a hefty bill after a professional had to come and help you fix or replace components. The truth is, that bill’s amount can be much lower if you keep an eye on things. Preventative maintenance is essential to stop repair costs from escalating. You’re able to avoid bigger issues by tending to them before they get worse.

Also, proper maintenance often leads to general cost savings, such as utility expenses. So, there is much to motivate you to keep an eye on your plumbing.

In addition, don’t forget your responsibility to create a safe environment for workers, visitors, tenants and anyone else using the commercial premises. Even a plumbing problem can carry risks, so get them sorted before you’re sued for negligence.

Here’s what you need to do.

Easy Maintenance that Will Have Great Impact

Keep a Lookout for Leaks

A leaking tap may seem unimportant at first, but you’ll be surprised how much water you’re wasting that way. If you don’t tend to it, it could become as much as 9 000 litres over the next 12 months. A drip can also worsen quickly, so rather tend to it as soon as it’s noticed. Don’t waste a natural resource or pay for water you’re not using.

You can also look for leaks elsewhere, such as wet patches in the garden or on your paving. This can be the sign of problems elsewhere in your plumbing system, for which you can call commercial plumbing experts for help. To use these tell-tale signs to your benefit, a regular walk across the property is therefore a good idea.

What’s Everyone Flushing?

Part of preventive maintenance is educating people on how to use a system properly. Items like wet wipes or grease, fat and even coffee grounds from the kitchen can block your drains. Don’t allow people to discard foreign items in toilets or wash basins. You can put up signs to try and manage the situation more effectively so you’ll have fewer blockages per year.

Keep an Eye on Low Temperatures

Only certain climates would result in low temperatures that end up freezing the water in your pipes, but don’t underestimate the weather. For example, in elevated areas a temperature drop could lead to ice in your pipes damaging the system. If you think this is a possibility, pipe insulation is a smart preventative measure.

Water Pressure is a Vital Clue

If you realise the water pressure drops or rises in a way you’re not used to, this could mean there’s a problem elsewhere in the system. Also, high pressure could harm your pipes, so this issue shouldn’t be ignored. You’ll need an expert to find the cause and solution. Don’t take too long before asking for help, because plumbing problems can quickly escalate.

What are Your Drains Telling You?

A sign of a drain problem is often only apparent when you see it overflowing. This can happen inside your building or outside. This is another problem you can’t ignore too long. For example, it could be tree roots growing into pipes underground. You can remove root pieces, but also consider removing trees near the pipes that could potentially cause problems on a regular basis.

Remember, in property management you need to make decisions that will benefit your business in the long run. If you don’t want to lose the greenery, at least relocate it to a position far from your building’s infrastructure.

Put a Commercial Plumber on Speed Dial

You can only do so much. Plumbing is one aspect of property management where you’ll need assistance because DIY jobs can do more harm than good. Pipes are often close to electrical wires in your building’s walls, so fixing problems on your own carries too much risk. Find a trusted commercial plumbing company near you to help whenever you notice one of the warning signs mentioned above.

In Conclusion

Now you know what you can do to look after your premises. Do you understand the importance of the commercial plumbing companies Melbourne businesses often need?

With plumbing you never know when something can go wrong, but if you keep your eyes open you’ll find more clues than you think. So, give your pipes some thought on a regular basis and you’ll have fewer expenses in the long run.

Have more questions about managing your commercial property effectively? Share your thoughts below.

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