Learning English Online- 6 Practical Tips for Beginners

Learning English Online- 6 Practical Tips for Beginners

Nowadays, you can learn English at home thanks to technology. If you lack time to attend a physical school, you can take grammar courses online. However, grammar lessons are not only for non-native speakers. Many people take these lessons to learn grammar rules and polish up their grammar skills. Are you staring out on your grammar lessons online? Here are tips to guide you.

1. Don’t set too high expectations.

When starting, don’t set unrealistic expectations. Learning is a process, and you must begin with small steps to grasp everything. Sometimes, things get tough, but you shouldn’t give up. In such cases, it’s advisable to take breaks and go back to studying when your mind is more relaxed.

2. Invest in books

Books are handy tools for all learners. They will help you polish your grammar skills and also better understand the use of the language. Acquire some books from bookshops near you or order online. Seek publications with grammatical facts, grammar rules and proper use of English words.  

That’s not all, though! Prepositions are also an integral part of the English language. Seek books with extensive notes on preposition rules and other topics such as abbreviations, adverbs, pronouns and more. The books act as a point of reference, and you can always refer to them when learning or writing.

3. A learning buddy will help a lot

Learning online is different from a conventional classroom. You’ll be studying alone, and you need someone to motivate you. Why not have a buddy? Look for another person who’s also learning grammar and become study partners. This way, you’ll practice speaking the language together and also share ideas. If it’s someone who’s ahead of you, the better. They will help you correct grammar mistakes that most beginners make.

4. Watch English TV programs.

Watch English television, particularly educational programs for kids. This is an excellent way to fully immerse yourself in the language and learn alongside native English speakers. One of the best yet simple ways to master a language is to listen to it often. You will grasp the word, their meaning and how to pronounce them correctly. 

5. Practice, and do this often!

There are various resources to help you improve your grammar skills. The internet is a wealth of information; use it to access multiple websites offering grammar exercises and games. Participating in these will help you enhance your skills. If you struggle with a specific grammar area, search for workouts on the particular field, and set ample time each day to complete the activities.

6. Write more

Reading helps a lot, but writing is also important. The more you write, the more you practice what you have learned. As you proofread your work, do it loudly to determine what you haven’t done right. Also, have someone listen as you read. They will help point out mistakes, and you’ll likely notice errors when reading loudly.

What are the common grammar rules that you should know?

Always use adverbs and adjectives rightly. Adjectives remain the same for plural nouns. Similarly, adverbs modify adjectives, verbs and come after the verb. Also, be keen on homophonic words. They have similar pronunciations with other word but a different meaning. You should also familiarize yourself with verb tenses and understand the proper use of prepositions.

The bottom line

Learning the English language isn’t that hard. Enroll in online classes, set goals and strive to achieve them within a set timeline. Moreover, acquire proper reading materials and books to guide you. The best thing about learning grammar is that you shouldn’t overwhelm yourself. Once you learn the basic grammar rules, you’ll find it easy to speak and write the language.

John Norwood
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