Learn the SteadyOptions Way of Trading

Learn the SteadyOptions Way of Trading

SteadyOptions offer members high-quality education and great trade ideas. You get to learn about option trading risks and rewards. The blog writers aim to offer you tips on how to gain steadily and consistently with low risks. 

Don’t assume that the SteadyOptions trading forum is a platform where you can get tips on getting rich quickly without any effort. The writers and contributors are not financial analysts or stock option gurus that offer a guarantee that just follow their advice and you will earn millions. They don’t predict how the market will react next. It is advised that people subscribing to their newsletter need to do their research and enter a trade only when they feel they can tolerate the risk. 

About the founder & chief trader

Kim Klaiman is the founder of SteadyOptions, an advisory service associated with options trading. The platform was started to share his trading philosophy and experience with other people, so they can become better traders. His article posted on Seeking Alpha that defined non-directional options strategies from different perspectives became popular. 

He realized that people were searching for strategies that offered consistent results with proper risk management. He became the number one writer in the options category that Seeking Alpha readers followed. They even requested him to offer options mentoring. In this way, SteadyOptions got launched. 

SteadyOptions advises new options traders to start with virtual trading to gain confidence. Even when you enter the live markets open small positions and gradually increase the allocations. The first goal for every trader is to preserve their capital rather than looking forward to doubling their account. A slow & steady approach needs to get nurtured. Kim says, ‘If you consider the risk first and take care of them, then profits will automatically follow’. 

How SteadyOptions survived the COVID-19?

The COVID-19 has been a challenging phase because of the ever-changing market environment. With careful risk management and getting more selective SteadyOptions has managed to generate good returns for their members. In this environment, capital preservation has to be the main goal. Therefore, the focus is on high odds structure, as well as limits on position size and trade numbers. Eliminate non-workable strategies and modify existing ones to gain a competitive edge. 

How SteadyOptions trade forum works?

When Kim enters exits or adjusts a trade, it is posted on the SteadyOptions trade forum for the member-only. Members receive a notification when a new topic gets posted. Kim even sends a notification on SteadyOption’s Twitter account. The trade notifications get sent to the followers of the forum during market hours. So, there is no need to stay stuck to the computer all day. However, make sure you have access to the trading platform during market hours. 

The services offered on SteadyOptions are transparent and they share their accounts. They are committed to making money with you and not from you. It means if you lose, they lose and vice versa. Every trade is listed on their track record, even the bad ones. Every trade decision made is explained and executed from their personal account, which is visible to every member. 

Give SteadyOptions way a try!

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