Latest Innovations On Artificial Intelligence, Advertising And A Few Other Aspects

Latest Innovations On Artificial Intelligence, Advertising And A Few Other Aspects

Starting with a powerful quote, “After every night, the sun shines brighter and removes darkness.” In the same sense, post-pandemic, the world sees a ray of beautiful sunshine, but with the immense change in consumer behavior, they have become more data eaters or consumers. Recent data show a considerable increase in digital awareness in India, mostly in rural areas, plus internet penetration in India stood at 45% in January 2021. This Digital boom acts as an immense power to various sectors, primarily the advertising and healthcare sector in this pandemic, but “With great power comes great responsibilities.”

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

Data theft, Cyber security, and Internet Fraud are the upcoming challenges that need to be tackled. Here, AI plays a significant role in encountering the major difficulties of this forthcoming boom. The most innovative trend of AI which is floating in the current air is AI for Data breaches and cyber security, AI Chatbots, which comes up with better consumer service automation. Quantum AI or AI Analytics is also in this race, focusing and helping us analyze and process voluminous data plus advanced booking & healthcare in the fields.

An ultimate and optimal mixture always tastes better. A combination of Artificial intelligence with augmented reality also opens the hidden door of new and un-thought doors of immense and targeting at unstoppable success and growth. Object detection, Audio detection, and image detection are a few examples that can be considered their success. Another combination changing the scenario is artificial intelligence and the gaming industry, which refers to responsive and adaptive video game experiences. Gamers are feeling real gaming experiences that boost this mixture of demands.

In today’s world, Post Pandemic health care infrastructure needs to be built robustly. For this, AI innovation in the healthcare industry creates 3D Printed competent hands, MAPProHand Project, Autism Virtual Reality, Cerebral palsy assistant (SMARTCLAP Project), Ambient Assisted Living, Automated GAIT Analysis, Mental health Promotion, Cancer detection, and the project number still counts and rising. The sector like programmatic advertising and manufacturing which is part of the Indian Economy also does not remain untouched by AI innovation. New concepts like collaborative manufacturing, Microscopic defect identification, Design Alternative, & the most crucial predictive maintenance are the coming blue door and are still opening.

The Bottom Line

As “Data is the new oil.” The increasing growth, demand & changing consumer behavior requires a massive amount of data handling, analysis, and management. AI plays a crucial role in supporting this major sector in achieving its primary and secondary goals. Google Analytics, Automation platforms, content management systems, Customer relationship management, and so on. On a simple note, AI in terms is many terms that comprise machine learning, Neural Networks, & Deep learning. The three-pillar of these systems, AI, Data Science, and Big data, supports all these barrels of oil.

In the end, On the Path to digital transformation and industry 4.0/Pharma 4.0, IoT, IMOT. More and more companies started inculcating these upcoming innovations and new technologies into their day-to-day operations and started saving their financial expenses and increasing their surplus. Methods such as real-time data analytics monitoring and digital twins changed our thinking about this new world.

John Norwood
John Norwood is best known as a technology journalist, currently at Ziddu where he focuses on tech startups, companies, and products.