Kallaco: The Support Your Health Needs

Kallaco: The Support Your Health Needs

What is Kallaco?

Coming from Greek origin, “Kalla” means “well” and “good”, while “Co” is the values inherited by the health company. These are connection, compassion, comprehension, collaboration, confidence, and community. 

While its meaning remains diverse, kallaco is a company that provides a technological platform for community organizations to track and maintain the people around them.

Kallaco comes with software solutions that provide a wide range of services enabling monitoring of the community’s health. The software has everything from an administration portal and a mobile application to ease the process. With the company’s technological advances, the real-time exchange of data has made it possible to regulate the health of the people. Therefore, also enabling lab and test results to update at the site or application of the software. It further eases the process of making decisions as per the need for treatment for the patient. 

Partners of the Kallaco System

Kallaco provides a varied number of solutions for individuals, family or a team. However, its ecosystem is also diverse, with more than one partnering organization making it possible to tweak the system’s working to provide health-related solutions to its users.

. Laboratories:

Kallaco is equipped with advanced health systems and centers and industrial laboratories with a high accreditation to its name. The laboratories make it easier for users to get the accurate results of their tests on time. 

. Health Systems

The health system collaborators of Kallaco aim to spread their ecosystem in both physical and virtual locations. For the same, Kallaco has partnered with HeathECO, an experience system that helps to create and maintain a sustainable ecosystem where the main priority is health, collaboration, getting resources, and innovations. At the same time, the ecosystem aims to create a monetary flow to focus on the healthcare business and accelerate the commercial space of health innovations.

. IT Partner

Since Kallaco is heavily based on technology, it has also partnered with software developers. Technological consulting companies help Kallaco to crate custom ergonomic websites and mobile applications to ease the user’s experience. Overall, the IT partners help to maximize efficiency for both Kallaco and its community users.

. Infrastructure

With the ongoing pandemic of Covid – 19, Kallaco is taking a step further to partner with development partners in terms of their tools. Tools to monitor their users’ health can stop the spread of any disease through early testing and detection. Therefore, individuals can efficiently assess the situation without panic and contain the illness’s spread. Again, the detection is possible because of the real-time facility provided by Kallaco and its partners. 

How Does Kallaco Work?

Like every other healthcare organization, even Kallaco is determined to fight the coronavirus pandemic in a collaborative effort with the people. With its advanced technological way of managing data and getting results, Kallaco wants to monitor and maintain the community’s health beyond the Covid – 19 pandemic. 

With the right tools, Kallaco has made it possible to equip various organizations to fight the pandemic. The step has accelerated the company’s focus to early detection, testing, and treatment of the disease. 

Here are some of the ways Kallaco manages its healthcare for the community :

  • Kallaco has developed accessible portals for users to be able to track their health status twenty-four seven.
  • Kallaco also creates orders for tests that can be administrated virtually or by using certified home testing kits.
  • The real-time screening of an individual’s health increases the community’s confidence to engage with other people safely.

Kallaco Covid Response

Kallaco started with a vision to curb the Covid-19 situation in its innovative way. Therefore, Kallaco provides technological solutions for providing accurate test results to people. In addition, their real-time monitoring of health status makes it efficient for users to find better solutions in terms of safety in and around their community.

In response to the Covid – 19 pandemic, Kallaco aims to offer a wide range of solutions for students and employees at a massive scale. Kallaco does this with health and software tools that offer health solutions to the user. The laboratories used by the company are certified to provide a wide range of testing options to their clients. 

Kallaco provides an option for home testing of Covid – 19. While the test has been questioned by many, Kallaco makes sure all samples have enough human sputum inside the vial to run the test. Therefore, the fact that enough sputum is needed to run the test remains universal throughout. 

Privacy and Security

Kallaco is a company that runs in a virtual setting. Therefore, to maintain its users and the community’s health, they do have to collect personal information. But, you’ll be surprised because Kallaco provides a one-hundred percent guarantee that they collect a minimum requirement of personal information to provide the needed data to its clients. To add on, Kallaco is bound by strict privacy regulations that cannot be breached. Therefore, only the user alone can gain access to such data alongside the health officials monitoring the user’s health via Kallaco.

To Conclude – 

Kallaco was founded in 2020 as a pandemic response platform. Today, it has partnered with renowned laboratories, testing labs, entrepreneurial firms, and other development partners to stay on pace with unprecedented crises like Covid-19.

The company enables a platform to get results from a massive range of tests within seventy-two hours. It is possible for Kallaco to receive an estimate of the number of tests and prepare testing labs to ensure the upcoming batch’s accurate results because of its technological advances. Therefore, testing laboratories are able to work efficiently to deliver tests to all of their clients on time. To date, the company has delivered over twenty thousand test results to the community.

Today, Kallaco is a trusted company in handling Covid-19 tests all over the United States of America. The company is run by healthcare officials who have been supporting the community’s healthcare systems for decades on end. Kallaco, with its team, was able to deliver one of the fastest test results to the hardest-hit cities of the country and continues to do so.

John Norwood
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