Introducing Wuffes Joint Chews

Introducing Wuffes Joint Chews

Introducing Wuffes Hip and Joint Chews – released after 2 years of extensive R&D to ensure pets have the best life possible.

Their US Made, Delicious Chews Boost The Function Of Your Dog’s Joints & Connective Tissue, Helping Renew Muscle Strength And Strong Bones For A Happy, Active Life!

They pride themselves on providing only the best products for your pets, helping them feel happy, strong and healthy. This is why they are offering Joint Care Mobility Chews at a huge discount, so you can see how much happier your dog can be!

They include active ingredients such as:

Glucosamine – Which is recommended by vets and is proven to be effective in the reduction of pain, significant reduction in joint inflammation while at the same time encouraging increased joint mobility. It does this through the maintenance of synovial fluid, which helps lubricate the joints, reducing any friction and enabling easier movement.

Chondroitin – In Dogs (and Humans) Cartilage acts as a cushion between the bones which are present in joints, this provides most of the joints resistance to compression. Chondroitin is a key structural component of cartilage and is part of a proteoglycan (large protein molecule) that gives cartilage elasticity.

MSM is included because of its anti-inflammatory effects. As a result it offers a huge benefit to dogs with joint stiffness, aching joints, tender joints and arthritis.

Yucca Schidigera – Anti-arthritic properties plus it helps reduce Waste Odor.

Vitamin C –  Helps in the production of collagen, which is vital for joint and bone health.

Vitamin E – Contain antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Made from Salmon,  stimulates cartilage growth, heart & brain function.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids – Made from Flaxseed – strengthens cell membrane, ensuring stronger joints and tendons.

Wuffes also have a range of dog Multivitamins, with a probiotic product being launched in November.

Wuffes look set to take the pet supplements market by storm. Watch this space!

John Norwood
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