Impacts of 5G Technology

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5G stands for fifth-generation wireless broadband technology, rolling out in 2018. It is supposed to bring a lot of change in society, how they work and live. This technology will handle faster speeds and allow for more connected devices under one server than the fourth generation. With speeds umped up four times than the previous generation, opportunities are endless. This article will discuss some of the benefits of having such an advancement. The benefits will only be a scratch of the iceberg.


One of the most massive issues experienced by the third generation and fourth generation wireless network users was slow internet speeds. With the current 5G technology, the days of waiting for videos and data to download for hours on end are gone. The 5G technology will allow for easier and quicker downloads from any network. The download times have been reduced from hours to minutes. For establishments, this means that upgrades will be done on a faster basis, meaning that the downtime for software will be reduced.


Latency is the measure of the time a signal takes from when it Is transmitted to when it gets to the intended receiver. All previous wireless generations have been striving to reduce the time. With 5G technology, this time has been immensely reduced. One-click on a website, and within a few milliseconds, the page is up and running effectively, almost similar to the time it takes to flip the page of a book and continue reading the next page


This is the space allocated for people to use under a server without affecting the speeds. With a larger bandwidth, a server can hold many devices doing different things online without immensely slowing the network speeds. Also, having a larger bandwidth will mean there is an increase in internet speeds. Previous generations of wireless technologies struggled with bandwidth, and users tended to feel as if they were in a battle for internet usage.


Autonomous driving technology depends on 5G technology as vehicles will need quick reception from the google maps and vehicle to vehicle communication to allow for vehicular technology to work effectively. With vehicle to vehicle communication upgraded, the cars can alert the drivers of oncoming conditions in the roads ahead. Having 5G technology will also reduce vehicle collision on the road through sensors and vehicle to vehicle communication.


5G technology is set to turn tables on the gaming industry, From beginners to the pros. Having a reduced latency and larger bandwidth has positively affected the experience of gaming, mostly online games. Gamers now no longer have to stay hidden in their rooms as now appliances such as tablets and mobile phones will be able to get access to the gaming world. For online casino gamers, they will enjoy sites such as NetBet without any lag. They will experience real-time games without any lags.


For such equipment that will require real-time feed for operation, 5G will ultimately unlock drones’ real potential. 5G will allow for innovation of drone technology and better feeds to the drone and back. The drone s will be able to send back higher definition video feeds to the controller.


One of the most massive issues faced by virtual reality was its latency and lag that reduced the full experience supposed to be offered by the equipment. With 5G technology, virtual reality can finally bring the entire experience for its users. Users can now fully immerse themselves in the alternate world and be part of what that world offers.


IoT is an acronym for the internet of things. Since 5G is stated to be way faster than the previous LTE networks, connected devices will communicate with each other faster than before. Smart systems such as security alarms, security cameras, and sensors will transmit and receive signals quickly. This improvement will allow security agencies to react more efficiently with their clients.

With such a system in place, life will inevitably be relatively easier for the human race. The above-stated benefits are but the tip. 5G has many more benefits including in the medical fields. The way to go is 5G, and with time it will be available for the greater public.

John Norwood
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