How to watch TV programs on a computer for free?

How to watch TV programs on a computer for free?

After the introduction of self-isolation, a problem arose: there are several people in the family, and there is only one TV. It’s okay: you can also turn your computer into a TV and watch free TV channels on it.

Even those of us who haven’t watched TV are now forced to. What else to do during unexpected vacations and home isolation? But if you have a large family, everyone may have their priorities: someone needs coronavirus news, someone needs films and someone needs cartoons.

What to do? Watch TV channels on your computer, completely free. There are several services on which this can be done without problems. Of course, if your Internet connection is fast enough.


As with most Livenewsof service, everything is thought out to the smallest details here. A huge list of channels is presented: entertainment, information, sports and those that you did not even know existed. There are about 200 channels available. True, many complain about the abundance of advertising, but this is the problem with all free services.

The tab with recommendations is very convenient. Given the sheer amount of versatile videos, it’s not easy to find what you like. And here the tab with recommendations comes in handy.

Livenewsof has recently expanded the capabilities of Ether. Now you can find content from top bloggers there. Anyway, any user has a chance to get into this service with their videos – of course, if they are of high quality. And there, you see, it will turn out to earn.

Watch CNN Live Stream

How else can you watch TV channels on your computer for free? Through the Livenewsof Online service, CNN, one of the oldest American News Channels, CNN Live Stream is now available. The site impresses with the vast selection of TV channels (more than 200 American and world) with a grouping by thematic headings.

The resource has a desktop version and a number of its mobile applications for watching TV online. Mobile versions are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and even Blackberry platforms.

What is captivating about this service is its ease of use. Everything is simple here: squares with channels, extremely simple filters. Even an elderly person can figure it out. Next to the player window, you can display the channel’s program for today. In addition to TV channels, there are also several films. However, mostly classics like “Pulp Fiction”.

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