How to use google trends for market research?

How to use google trends for market research?

Market analysis is crucial for firms of all sizes. Unfortunately, several market research techniques can be very costly and time-consuming. Due to the extensive uses of the internet, all firms now have easier access to market research tools. We’ll concentrate on using Google Trends for market research in this article. You may visit newsbeast blog to get news from all sectors.

Describe Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that displays to all users how frequently various search keywords are entered into Google’s search engine compared to overall search volumes across specified periods. Users have the choice to look for related terms, compare the popularity of a search phrase around the globe, and study search term popularity over time using Google Trends. Additionally, Google Trends can also be used to find increases in keyword search volume, generally brought on by actual occurrences.

Here are a few ways to conduct market research using Google Trends from tech weep.

1. To uncover trending subjects in your sector, use Google Trends

Google Trends can help you find hot subjects in your market that you might have overlooked. Here’s how to discover the most popular topics and search terms in the sectors.

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Step1 – Got to explore from the taskbar.

Step2- Choose the region you want to investigate. The choices are unlimited in this case; you can concentrate on an entire nation, state, or city.

Step3- Select the period you want to study. Choose a longer time frame if you need to view more general industry issues and a shorter time frame if you want to find recent topics or inquiries.

Step4- Select a category. If you work in marketing, for instance, you can select the Advertising & Marketing category.

2. To detect seasonal patterns, use Google Trends

Would you like to know more about seasonality in your sector so you can better plan your advertising campaigns? Here’s how to use Google Trends, a fantastic tool for doing that.

Consider that you sell boots. Boots should be more popular in the fall and winter and less popular in the spring and summer, according to common logic. Let’s verify our hypothesis using Google Trends.

  1. First, enter the search keyword. Avoid picking a topic since themes and search phrases are evaluated in various ways.
  2. Analyze the outcomes and alter the variables to suit your needs.
  3. Compare outcomes. Let’s compare the search phrase “boots” to something we would consider to be the opposite, such as the keyword “sandals.”

3. Utilize Google Trends to look at your competition

You can use Google Trends to find out what topics and search terms your rivals are using. You may see, for instance, what kinds of search terms are currently popular among your competitors or which ones were popular a year ago.

Step 1: Type in the name of the rival. Let’s use Apple as our illustration.

Step 2: Choose your time frame and location.

Step 3: Review popular search phrases, subjects, and trends.

We can examine past trends for our rivals and contrast them with the current state of affairs. For instance, at the start of 2020, the search phrases “apple shop” and “apple watch” are still among the most popular. The Apple encryption controversy, however, is no longer a hot topic.

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