How to Shop for College Outfits

How to Shop for College Outfits

College is a great place to be if you want to have a good time.  You go on brief vacations with your pals, establish some lifelong friends, and, unlike in school, you get to wear whichever the things you choose (of course, with restraint).  So, because college life is already full of adventure, now is the moment to claim the title of best-dressed student on your campus.  To get the best look for the campus as you shop college wear, ensure to remain trendy and comfortable.  While your fashion taste and wardrobe requirements may vary, there are some general rules to keep in mind while packing clothes for college:

Here are Some Items you May Bring to College

Get Rid of Your High School Clothes

Bring nothing that has anything to do with or has a high school emblem on it.  You’ll feel like a nerd when you learn that no one wears anything from high school once they get to college.

Bring the essentials to cover the following:

●      A class  (jeans, t-shirts, etc.)

●      Date/dinner with colleagues (guys: good tops/pants, ladies: dresses/cute skirts/etc.)

●      something delightful

●      Men should wear a button-down shirt, tie, and decent slacks rather than a suit.

●      Girls wear a little black dress but leave the prom gown at home.

●      Jackets, sweaters, exercise clothes, pajamas, robe (not everyone loves to stroll from the toilet to their bed in a little towel), and a swimsuit are all essentials.

●      A good supply of underwear

Don’t forget to bring a bunch of underpants.  Many students only wash laundry when their underwear runs out, which may seem unusual.  Perform you want to do it once a week or every two to three weeks?

Consider the seasons rather than the year

Consider the weather and when you’ll next see your family.  You might still bring July and August clothes and make a winter clothes switch when you are home a few weeks after school begins on Thanksgiving or the holidays.  Focus on what you’ll wear over the following 6-8 weeks if you genuinely want to bring everything you wear but don’t want to stress about taking everything you possess.  As the temperature cools, you’ll be able to effectively judge what you’ll want/need/have space for and maybe make a switch.

Make sure you have a “Just in Case” box on hand

You can always bring just what you’ll require for another 6 to 8 weeks and leave a “just in case” box at home, i.e., a box of items you might want but aren’t sure about until you know what more space you’ll have.  Then, if you decide you want it, you can ask your family to mail it to you.  You may also utilize that box to store items for the warmer season that you can mail as the temperature cools.

Pack lightly and leave room for new purchases

Keep in mind that rather than overdoing things, you should err on the side of not bringing too much.  When you go to university, you’ll probably go shopping with some pals one weekend, wind up with many t-shirts from campus events or clubs, and even trade clothing with other people in your resident hall.  On college campuses, clothing tends to increase quickly, so bring some essentials when you arrive.

Here  are top affordable stores to shop for college wear

1.    Forever 21

Forever 21 is a great place for college students to buy since it is easy and inexpensive and always appears to have current trends.  If you’re looking for anything specific, go to Forever 21’s website and use the search bar to get precisely what you’re looking for.  A Forever 21 shop might be intimidating for some people, but if you’re looking for apparel, Forever 21 has lots to offer.  If you’re unsure what you want, go to the shop and go through all of the aisles for design ideas for your next outfit.

2.    Tradesy

Consider online consignment retailers like Tradesy, which may help you locate the brands you love at inexpensive costs if you don’t want to sacrifice quality for cost savings.  Some of the garments sold at such places may have already been worn, but if that bothers you, you may narrow your search to only things that are brand new with tags, allowing you to get new designs at pre-owned costs.

3.    Asos

 If you haven’t already done so, stop what you’re doing and go to to browse a vast assortment of both fashionable and traditional items.  With a large variety of apparel comes a wide range of pricing, but intelligent shoppers may get what they want at a reasonable price.  ASOS also provides student discounts, making the bargains better.

4.    Zara

Zara is the place to go if you’re looking for economic essentials that will outlive the latest trends.  Not everything is the most reasonable, but if you browse for essential apparel products, you can get fantastic prices, just like at ASOS.  Zara avoids overstocking its stores and often rotates its merchandise, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends.  Zara also uses its design staff to create its items rather than recruiting buyers.  Find out what’s fresh and hot at this fashion-forward store by visiting the mall or going online.

5.    Rent the runaway

The Runway is Available for Rent

Rent the Runway has reasonably priced designer dresses, whether you’re attending a fraternity formal or need a fabulous dress for New Year’s Eve.  If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress you’ll wear once, renting may be the best option – perhaps the only way a college student can afford a designer gown.  Also, if you have a significant interview or want to wow your date on date night, Rent the Runway has various clothing alternatives outside formal gowns.

In conclusion, to be fashionable at college, you don’t have to spend much money on clothes.  Instead, be a wise shopper who considers alternatives to established retailers to get the most bang for your buck while remaining on top of the current trends.

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