How to Make Moving Simple—7 Tried and Tested Tips

How to Make Moving Simple—7 Tried and Tested Tips

Australia is known for its heat and if you’re cringing at the thought of moving furniture during the hottest months, then consider doing what the Melbourne locals do. They check out what trailer hire Melbourne companies have to offer and then book the right trailer for the move.

There’s no reason for sweating the small stuff when it comes to moving! The right trailer simplifies the process of moving some of the bulkiest household items you can’t squeeze into your car. Before heading down to the trailer hire shop, make a list of what needs to go to your new home. Being prepared goes a long way to giving you a smooth and stress-free move. Let’s get you moving in the simplest way by using our tried and tested tips.

Who Will Move What?

The first step is to decide who’s going to move what. If you’re doing the move on your own, without using moving professionals, then you need to be well-prepared in advance. That means calling on your family and friends to help out.

Making a list of who moves what makes the moving process run a whole lot smoother on the day.

Moving Company Matters

Go to any online business site for moving companies and you’ll be inundated with the number of removal businesses available. To ensure you get the best movers, check out the reviews by other clients. Speak to family or friends who can refer moving companies to you.

Getting the right moving company matters because you need to make sure you get the people who know how to look after your assets while you’re not around.

What’s Going with You?

Make lists of what is going with you to your new property. Moving is one of the best times for decluttering and this is the time to get rid of things you no longer need. It also saves you time and money because you’ll pay less for the move if you don’t carry unnecessary clutter with you.

Having a list of what’s going with you also gives you an indication of what trailer hire services you need to move your furniture safely and securely. How big should the trailer be?

Organising Boxes

If you’re handling the move on your own, then you’ll need to organise boxes. There are places that sell moving boxes. However, you can also source free, good boxes from various supermarkets and other stores.

Make sure the boxes are sturdy enough to keep all your items safe during the move. Having a list of what goods are going with you will also give you an idea of the different size boxes you need to organise.

Which Box Must You Open First?

No matter how well-organised you are, moving is going to be hectic and tiring. Make sure you spend your first night in your new home with the essential items on hand. The box you must open first could include the following:

  • A change of clothing.
  • Fresh bedding, blankets and towels.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries for the first night.
  • Your kettle, coffee or tea, milk, sugar and some biscuits.
  • A good book or magazine to read when you need to switch off after a heavy day of moving.

Number and Name Them

Identify all your boxes with a number and name. The numbers will help you know that all the boxes have arrived at your new destination. Adding names such as “master bedroom”, “kitchen”, and “kid’s room” means the movers know in which room to place the boxes. This saves you a lot of time when it comes to unpacking the boxes in the right rooms. Also, you won’t be hauling heavy boxes around because they’re in the wrong location.

Monitor the Weight

Check the weight of each box. This is essential if you’re loading them onto a trailer. Most companies offering trailer rental Melbourne locals can use will guide you on what load can be taken on certain trailers for safe transport. So, by weighing the boxes going onto a trailer, you’ll know for sure you’re not overloading.

Towing with a trailer requires being extra vigilant on the road and if you overload it, you could run the risk of having an accident or damaging both the vehicle and the trailer. Plus, lighter boxes mean less strain on your back if you’re moving them yourself.

Administrating the Move

What’s Your Timeline?

Working according to a timeline will help keep the process organised. By deciding on a date for moving you’ll be able to book a moving company in advance or hire the right trailer for the job. You can also plan what needs to be done and be well-prepared for the day of the move.

Are You Covered?

Last, but not least, find out if your items are covered under your current insurance policy during the move. You also want to inform your insurance company of your new address so your policy covers any mishap that may happen in the first days of being in your new home.

Final Thoughts

Moving to a new home doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By using our list of tried and tested tips, you’ll be well-prepared for a smooth and stress-free move. Moving is simple once you know what needs to be done. Do you have more questions or advice to share?

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