How Startups Can Benefit From ThePayStubs

How Startups Can Benefit From ThePayStubs

Some of the successful firms we have today started as small startups. Success is within reach for those who work for it and seize every opportunity that comes their way. Startups face challenges during their initial stages, and only those that are strategic and purposeful survive. Payroll mistakes are some of the blunders startups make that can be detrimental to their growth due to their dire consequences. ThePayStubs have proven to be helpful for startups in this area.

ThePayStubs is a software program available online that any startup can use in the payroll management. These software programs generate employee-related payment data and issues the requisite employee payslips automatically. Just like the traditional paper pay stub, the contents of these electronic payslips remain the same. You can use pay stub creator to see the differences and similarities of the two document types. This can be instrumental to startups in several ways.  

How ThePayStubs Are Helpful To Startups

It’s a fact that most startups have it rough from the beginning. Many founders are unfamiliar with the legal requirements of running a business, more so proper employee management. A slight error could be costly and may take a relatively long time to recover. To avoid such eventualities, they may use online pay stubs. Have a look at some of the ways ThePayStubs can be helpful to startups.

Employee Classification

Startups issue different pay stubs to employees and independent contractors on payday. In cases where an individual is an independent contractor, startups do not withhold taxes when giving them their pay stubs on payment. For employees, this is not the case as startups withhold their taxes. In addition to withholding employee taxes, startups should also pay various workers benefits as required by law. With the pay stubs alone, it is easy for startups to distinguish between employees’ and independent contractors’ pay in their financial records. There are strict guidelines regarding how a business entity should classify employees working in their organization. Improper classification of workers has grievous repercussions. There should be a clear distinction between the duties independent contractors and employees do to avoid misclassifying fines from the IRS.

Separating Business And Personal Expenses

Lack of prior business experience may cause some startup founders to make adverse payroll mistakes. In the early phases of startups, the inexperienced owners may mix up their company and personal finances. Such a move may result in future ordeals. Considering that every information on pay stubs is well categorized, entrepreneurs can use them to account for business and personal expenses accordingly. Accounting becomes easier and manageable.

Record Keeping

Proper record-keeping is essential in every department. For the human resource and accounting department, pay stubs offer fantastic objective payroll data. Pay stubs are good sources of payroll information for both in-house processes and external use. Like any other employer, startups must adhere to the rules and regulations that have been stipulated. In the United States, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires all employers to keep payroll records for a minimum of 3 years. The payroll data that startups should have in their records include payment periods, work hours, salary scales, among other requirements. Data that startups can easily retrieve from pay stub records.

Supports Remote Workers

Startups are constantly looking for exceptional talents from various parts of the world. The internet enables these new firms to support remote workers. The onboarding of remote workers brings another challenge of generating accurate pay stubs as the remote workforce could be in other states with relatively different employee obligations. Effective pay stubs software has ways of generating tailor-made check stubs considering the state remote employees reside in.

Final Thoughts

Forming a startup isn’t a walk in the park. It involves a lot of processes that may seem overwhelming to the owner at first. IRS requirements may also be very demanding and confusing to first-time business owners. However, online pay stubs offer a lifeline to them. They facilitate efficient management of the firm’s payroll data.

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