How Online Classes Work

How Online Classes Work

Online versus traditional is quickly becoming a hot topic these days. Technology plays a central role in making it happen- 5G networks promote a communicative real time pace similar to what’s happening in traditional classrooms.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect during online classes.

The Interaction Between Student and Material

In traditional settings a face-to-face interaction is the norm. However, in online the interaction shifts from teacher and fellow students to the subject matter and the material.

Communication is largely limited to responses, journals and graded discussions. Just like traditional you’re required to study the lessons and prepare for the tests to follow.

Much of the learning and pace will be shouldered by the student. Grading may be a bit different from conventional schooling, but it all boils down to mastery of the lessons and being responsible enough to take time to understand it.


Instead of paper the tests come in PDF or via online quiz that consists of essay or multiple choice questions. Also, there’s a shift from memory recalling to using all the available resources you have, e.g., your book, notes and the internet.

Similar to traditional classrooms the tests are taken together and there’s a time limit to be observed.

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Technologies Used

You’d be surprised at how much technology is needed to run an online class. Video cameras, mics and laptops are the most needed hardware, while conferencing, screen sharing apps and cloud storage are the most-used software.

The good news is that most of these are affordable and it’s easy to set up. You will also need to upgrade to a higher speed internet to ensure smooth interaction on all fronts. 

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