How mobile apps are changing online entertainment

How mobile apps are changing online entertainment

Since online entertainment was available on our devices, mobile apps have shown huge potential to change how we consume media. Mobile apps allow us to view the world in a completely different way, with news brought to us instantly.

Nowadays, nearly everyone relies on mobile apps. If you’re checking the news, watching your favourite shows or streaming your top artists, mobile apps have certainly become your best friend. They’re also very convenient, allowing you to access all of this with only a few clicks.

Why does the entertainment industry need mobile apps? How are they beneficial?

Mobile apps are beneficial to any industry. However, the entertainment industry benefits the most. Many users prefer to surf the web with a mobile device instead of a computer as it is far easier in this day and age, and it’s safe to say companies are aware of this.

That’s why creating a mobile app should be one of your first steps if you’re in the industry. However, there are several other ways mobile apps can benefit the industry besides convenience. Take a look:

  1. Higher loyalty and better relations – Mobile apps allow users to be closer to companies. In return, this increases the customer’s loyalty.
  2. Better visibility – Companies with mobile apps enhance their visibility to the market, amassing more viewers.
  3. Promotion and recognition – Mobile apps increase users’ exposure to ads and other forms of advertising, driving sales.
  4. Customer support – Mobile apps promote the connection between users and companies. Customer support is therefore faster and easier.
  5. Networking – Apps allow companies to connect with each other, allowing them to exchange ideas and partner up to create better products.

Notable examples

See for yourself the most common examples of mobile apps that have changed the online entertainment industry. Take a look at how apps can change the industry in these specific areas:


Mobile apps are the best way to promote brands, it’s as simple as that. They’ve made marketing quick, easy and convenient. By increasing awareness and promoting better engagement, apps are the ultimate way to expand your client base.

Games and music

Apps have allowed developers to create different platforms for music and gaming. Mobile applications bring millions of games into our devices with no more than a few clicks.

It also changed how we hear music. Gone are the days of  needing dozens of CDs or expensive devices like radios and stereos. All you need is a phone and an internet connection to play music anywhere, anytime.

This broader accessibility has also reduced piracy. Users no longer need to search for pirated music or games when they can access all of this on legitimate platforms.

Online gambling

Online gambling is at an all-time high and that’s all thanks to the development of mobile apps. Nowadays, most online casinos have mobile apps where users can access thousands of games in an instant.

Online casinos are also feature-packed, so you can register, deposit and withdraw through a single device. A good example is Casumo online casino, a casino managed to create a lightning-fast mobile app that makes online gaming accessible to anyone.

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