How key card entry systems are evolving because of COVID-19

How key card entry systems are evolving because of COVID-19

Covid-19 is still changing the world forever. Even after the vaccines have been administered to a sizable portion of the population, there will still be provisions in place as to how people will function in the workplace. Many companies and organizations are changing the way their employees can interact with one another, or access buildings, spaces, and desks.

Workplaces have been potential hotspots for viruses to spread, and so more emphasis has been placed on physical distancing, efficient hygiene practices, and the restriction of some services to remote access to control those who can visit the workplaces for services.

In addition, companies and organizations have switched to contactless technology to make the workplace safer. The most common access system with key cards was also switched to those that are more safe during this time when everyone had to be careful. The makers of these key card entry systems have begun modifying their products so that they can help organizations, offices, and businesses stay safe while staying secure.

Traditional key card entry systems can expose many offices, businesses, and organizations to high levels of infection as anyone will touch this key system. Due to the need for stricter measures that can help contain the possible spread of Covid-19, the manufacturers of these key card door lock systems have also changed their game.

The card or fob system that many companies, offices, and organizations have installed at the gates and entrances to control access needs to adapt to a touchless future.

The reason for this is that the virus can be viable on the surfaces of such common key card systems for several hours and can spread to anyone who touches them while typing the pin.

So here we look at how key card systems have evolved during this time of Covid-19.

. Hands-free operation

Modern key card systems do not require any physical touching to enter the PIN. They now have a hands-free mode where they are now linked to an app that can be installed on a phone and used to open the door.

 Others have adopted technology where you can just wave in front of the reader and open the door, while others allow the use of covered body parts like an elbow.

. Keycard systems with a locker

Nowadays, key card entry systems are integrated into such a locker access system, in which anyone can gain access to the premises with the key or ID.

This is the other convenient solution to avoid touching the key system to enter the PIN. You simply insert your key, as if by swiping, and the door opens. you won’t touch it.


With these modifications, there are no longer health risks while gaining access to the premises. While traditional cards and fobs systems still have other security disadvantages, modern systems are now employing better touchless and secure encryption methods. These systems now support hands-free, facial, and remote entry control.

John Norwood
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