How is Invisalign Changing the Dentistry for Good?

How is Invisalign Changing the Dentistry for Good?

Are you looking to alter your smile for good? Smile enhancement can be the next best thing for you as it can improve your overall appearance and even help you take the leap towards boosting your self-esteem.

Many modern cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures can help you with colour correction and missing teeth, along with other various teeth correction methods to improve your smile.

If we talk about teeth straightening particularly, traditional braces can make you uncomfortable and hamper your smile until the treatment is completed. An effective and efficient alternative has become popular that is great at straightening your uneven teeth and improving your look with clear trays instead of visible wires.

It is known as Invisalign, and many people elect this procedure to correct gapped or crooked teeth. If you have such teeth but don’t want to get your mouth wired, Invisalign is the best solution for you.

How Invisalign works?

Instead of installing straightening brackets and metal wires and visiting your cosmetic dentistry in Melbourne centre to tighten the brackets, Invisalign uses clear treats and realigns your teeth steadily. These thermoplastic trays are BPA-free. All you need to do is wear them for 22 hours daily, removing them only while eating and cleaning your teeth.

This is a big plus point compared to traditional braces, as you cannot remove them even for a minute.

The timeframe of this treatment depends on the age of the patient. For instance, if you are an adolescent, Invisalign treatment takes a similar time as traditional braces. However, this treatment can take a year for the desired results for adults.

Though you may go through a bit of discomfort and pain in the beginning with the Invisalign, it is less compared to brackets and metal wires. Additionally, you will be able to see the results, and the pain and discomfort will decrease once you get used to these clear trays.

Traditional braces vs. Invisalign

Several reasons encourage patients to go for Invisalign treatment over traditional metal braces. Some of these include:

Treatment Time

This time will vary from one patient to another; however, Invisalign is known for its faster results in realigning your teeth when compared to traditional braces. The long process of braces consists of fitting and adjustments to let your teeth move into the proper position.

So, for traditional braces, you will need to start this treatment at a young age, as it can take years for desired results. On the contrary, Invisalign takes around one year for proper alignment.


You will need to wear these clear trays for 20 to 22 hours daily, meaning you can take them off at mealtimes or at night. After a couple of weeks, you must visit your Invisalign Sydney dental centre to get a new set of clear trays to align them perfectly on the corrected teeth.

Due to this, Invisalign is more effective and convenient than traditional braces to get your teeth aligned.


Most cosmetic dentistry treatments are pretty expensive, especially teeth realignment. If we mention traditional braces, they are costly due to the lengthy procedure for effective results. Conversely, Invisalign is a cost-effective solution and works more rapidly than braces.

How to Choose the Best Cosmetic Dentist for Invisalign?

Whether you are looking to fix minor dental problems or planning a complete smile makeover, you must have full confidence in the dental treatments performed by your cosmetic dentist.

As there may be several dentists around your suburb, narrowing down the list can benefit you greatly. So, follow these steps to find the right dentist for your Invisalign treatment:

  • No doubt finding a seasoned dental care team is no easy task these days, especially when you have so many options at your helm. So, if you are planning for Invisalign treatment, search for dentists who specialise in this particular treatment.
  • Remember that not all dentists are trained in the same way. So, you must ask for the level of training they’ve received before making an appointment. For that, you can check out the dentist’s website or take feedback from friends, relatives, or others.
  • A modern and clean office can help you understand the professionalism of any dentist. As you go through the dental procedure, many pieces of equipment and devices will be inserted into your mouth. So, ensure the clinic you have chosen has a sparkly clean office.
  • Another important point you must consider before booking an appointment is to see whether your dentist’s lab is equipped with advanced dental technology. Working with a dentist with all the modern tools will ensure highly effective results.

Final Words

Getting a gorgeous smile from Invisalign treatment is like a great partnership between you and your dentist. So, ensure you thoroughly research, find the right partner, and enjoy the desired outcome.

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