How important is child-resistant packaging in the industries?

How important is child-resistant packaging in the industries?

In any industry, companies need to invest in packaging design that keeps children safe. This is especially true with Cannabidiol (CBD) products. CBD is an active ingredient derived from the cannabis sativa plant. The naturally-occurring chemical has been studied for centuries and is perceived to have many health benefits. It can be found in a variety of forms, ranging from edibles to skincare, and tinctures or oils. Although CBD is not addictive, does not have psychoactive properties and is generally well-tolerated by most people, there are chances of consumers experiencing side effects which are more severe in children.

CBD products usually come in bright and attractive packaging and the products themselves, especially gummies and edibles, could easily be mistaken for candy. This means that CBD brands need to ensure that if their products were to be stumbled upon by children, they cannot easily be opened by them. Although not all countries and states require child-proof packaging for CBD products, it should be a golden rule that all companies must follow, regardless.

The first line of defense

The CBD market has grown over the decades and is expected to be worth $23.7 billion by 2025 as more countries around the world relax legislation and recognize it for its medicinal properties and benefits. While emerging research looks promising, CBD treatments can still have potential adverse effects as with many other medical treatments. With this in mind, it’s important that CBD products stay out of reach of children as they can be unsafe and possibly result in hospitalization if ingested. Providing the first line of defense through packaging that follows high-safety standards will ensure that children are not put at risk. Statistics show that despite increased awareness around the issue of childhood poisoning, there were 37.4% of poison exposures per 1000 children below the age of six in the US. Of these exposures, 99.2% were unintentional, demonstrating the necessity for child-resistant packaging for any potentially harmful products.

Although there are some regulations that CBD producers must follow, for example, the international standard that dictates packaging for any contents should have resealable[1]  packaging for medicines, there is a flux in the regulatory landscape when it comes to CBD products. Since the industry is still under exploration, regulatory frameworks vary from region to region. Without a standard, it becomes challenging for manufacturers to be held accountable. This is why CBD manufacturers need to take social action and push themselves to a higher standard. The minimum “keep out of reach of children” label is a good start but is not enough to offer enough protection for parents’ peace of mind.

Does safety mean neglecting design?

Brands still need to strike a careful balance between innovative design and safety to appeal to their customers. CBD packaging should protect children from accessing the product but that is not to say that no consumer should be locked out of their dose. CBD packaging should still be easy enough for adults to open. Putting a focus on finding the right packaging provider will help CBD business owners find this balance. It’s not the loud and heavy-aesthetic packaging that stands out but the simple packaging that provides a solution. The first step to designing CBD packaging that gets your product noticed is to focus on your product and brand goals. Doing so will help you find a balance between design and innovation. Once you have prioritized your goals and needs, you need an innovative packaging solutions provider that breaks the mold and explores unchartered waters. GPA Global ensures that your CBD products are safe around children with their rigorous testing and high-standard certification. They also offer customizable solutions so you can choose which material and design suits your product and brand best, as well as fulfill your customers’ needs. Custom CBD packaging can separate your products from the others on the shelf by creating brand recognition and can also be more cost-effective because you are getting exactly what you need in terms of size and shape so there’s no room for waste.

Choosing child-safe packaging does not mean that design should be neglected. To ensure that you can offer your customers both, the first step is to decide what kind of CBD product you want to sell. CBD products can come in a variety of forms that include oils and tinctures, tablets and capsules, beauty and skincare products, beverages, and edibles. So, because there are many different types of products, it goes without saying that the type and design of packaging depends on the type of product. That’s why GPA Global offers practical CBD packaging solutions for every type of CBD product on the market so you can rest assured that the quality of your product is sealed and preserved well. From tubes to jars and bags, GPA Global’s packaging solutions each come with child-resistant locking mechanisms that do not compromise on aesthetic appeal.

As part of providing good packaging design, it is also important for the CBD product to be preserved well. For example, CBD oil shouldn’t be packaged in plastic because it can decrease the longevity of CBD oil. It tends to react harshly when in contact with plastic for long periods of time. CBD oil generally has a shelf life of two years and the best way to give it a full shelf life is to package it in dark glass bottles to prevent light from decomposing it and degrading its quality.

Child safety needs to be a priority in the CBD industry to prevent unintentional adverse results. Using smart and innovative packaging solutions for your CBD products can deter children from gaining access to a potentially harmful substance while still providing a suitable product for those that need it.

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