How Fiber Optics Can Improve Your Home’s Value

How Fiber Optics Can Improve Your Home’s Value

When you are looking to sell your home, there is more that adds value than you may think, and it goes far beyond having a symmetrical, tidy lawn.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market has seen something of an influx in properties being bought for less than they would have been originally worth. While this may not seem like it is the best time to sell your home due to this issue, there are some things that you can do to help increase your home’s value on the market.

As odd as it may sound, one of the most common features that boost the value of a property and the neighborhood that it’s in is having fiber optic broadband as an internet provider. This article will explain how this type of internet has become so popular that it can indeed increase a home’s value.


Fiber optic internet is growing in popularity. It is seen as one of the most reliable types of internet provider simply because the connection is stable and secure, and it is sought after by many people who need strong internet connectivity to help their children with their homework or to help them work from home.

Providers of fiber optic broadband are also usually on hand more regularly than internet providers who do not offer this. So, it is seen as an investment that will be worth the money.

No Limits

Another advantage of fiber optic broadband is that in the majority of cases, the providers of this broadband option do not offer it with a cap. So, in most cases, you will have unlimited broadband, which will undoubtedly add value to any home.

Fiber optics are also considered incredibly fast by most people – both internet users and providers – so if you can opt for a package that will repeatedly deliver, one that is fast and has no limits will undoubtedly be your best option.

Reduces Frozen Screen

Fiber internet signals help eliminate an issue that some people still face today – an irritatingly common problem known as ‘frozen screen.’ This can happen when you are watching YouTube or a movie or TV show on a platform such as Amazon or Netflix.

A blocky, frozen image is not what you paid for, but if you have fiber optic broadband, you will likely not suffer from this problem, making it a preferred choice for everything from streaming services and video gaming to online meetings.

Blocks Electromagnetic Interference

Along with higher speeds, fiber optics provide resistance to surrounding electromagnetic interference. This can occur when there is any device that sends this signal in your home. It could be a radio, a wireless telephone, or a Bluetooth speaker.

However, because fiber optics are made from glass and plastic, these materials are not affected by the electromagnets, and so the interference and placement of these devices will not impact the effectiveness of the internet signal.

Better Online Security

And finally, a fiber optic connection helps you reduce security risks online. This is because of the way that online communication and data are transmitted. Fiber optic signals approach the speed of light, so data is harder to hack, and people cannot intercept the information that you are entering into the internet, providing better security due to the speed.

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